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Tales, Myths, Legends, Stories

From Pangu Makes the World to Nuwa (Goddess of Sky-patching) Creates the Human Being, from the Legend of the White Snake to the Romance of the Butterflies, from Tears That Crumbled the Great Wall to The Cowherd and the Girl Weaver...Absolutely, these old oriental myths, legends, folk tales and romantic stories will fascinate you since they have been going round in China for centuries. In this page you will learn about many Chinese facts about the nonmaterial cultural legacies.
  • The Princess of Wu

    Fu Chai, the king of Wu, had a gifted and beautiful daughter of eighteen named Yu. She was in love with a learned youth of nineteen named Han Zhong. They exchanged secret messages and she promised to marry him. When Han went to study ....

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  • The Powder Girl

    Once there was a wealthy family with only one male child who was very much spoiled. One day when strolling in a market in a market place, he saw a beautiful woman who was selling face powder (ceruse used to apply to the face in ancient times).

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  • The Magistrate and the Local Deity

    Zhen Chong, a native of Zhongshan, was appointed magistrate of Yundu. On his way to his post he has to pass the county of Huihuai, where he was in formed that the son of the local deity wished to call on him. Soon the deity's son arrived ....

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  • The Lady Wine Seller

    When Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun first returned to Chengdu, they led a life of poverty and care, selling their furs to Yang Chang in the market to buy wine and take their pleasure.

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  • The Lady White

    In a Tomb-sweeping Day, The flowers were blooming, willow trees turned green. Many people were enjoying their walk along the West Lake. Suddenly, two alluring women rose from the lake.

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  • The Lady of the White Stream

    During the reign of Emperor An of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420A.D.) there was a young man in the county of Houguan named Xie Duan, who had lost his parents when a child and had no kinsmen. He was brought up by a neighbor.

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  • The Jade Maiden

    Xuan Chao was secretary in the procinceial government of Jibei. During the Jia Ping period of the Wei Dynasty (249 - 253 A.D.), he was sleeping alone one night when he dreamed that a goddess had come to him. "I am a jade maiden from Heaven,"

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  • The Imperial Concubine of Han

    Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty (206B.C.- 220A.D.) had so many beauties in his palace that it was impossible for him to see them all. Therefore he ordered some artists to paint their portraits, from which he would choose his favorites.

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