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World Wonders--Two Ancient Cities Discovered Under Qiandao Lake


Qiandao Lake is located in Chun'an County in Hangzhou. The picturesque lake welcomes thousands of tourists every month. But nobody knows that under the gorgeous lake there has deeply slept two ancient cities with a history of more than two thousand years, until China National Geography reported it recently.

According to the historical records, the two ancient cities were called Chun'an and Sui'an which were built in A.D.208. Sui'an ancient city were near the Lion Mountain, so it comes it’s another name Lion City. The two ancient cities had ever been the vital communication lines for the business men to launch out since the Han and Tang Dynasty. The supernatural workmanship of architecture there is laden with history. People can see the signs of it when visit these two cities which look like an ancient underwater palace.

The two ancient cities under Qiandao Lake are really rare in the world, unique and full of mystery.  The local government is planning to develop it for sightseeing, hoping it re-enter into people's vision, and directing them to the prosperous history of ancient China.

For the world, the discovery of the two ancient underwater cities is a great treasure.

Edited by Katrina from China Fact Tours.

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