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China Symbols And Totems

As an oriental country with a long history, China has the world-famous symbols. From the mythic totems to the remarkable culture and art, from the great buildings to the exclusive products, from the sacred mountains to the mother rivers the country has it all...these peerless treasures are considered the symbols of China and associated with the Chinese nation or the country.

Sacred Animals  

Chinese Sacred Animals


Chinese Buildings


Carapace Bone Scripts

Great Mountains and Rivers    

Chinese Great Mountains and Rivers

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ornamental Pillar at Tian'anmen SquareOrnamental Pillar

Lucky Chinese KnotsLucky Chinese Knots


* If you're looking for information about 2008 Beijing Olympics Mascots - please go to the page for Olympic Fuwa.


Chinese Dual Happiness with Dragon and Phoenix
"Dual Happiness" with Dragon and Phoenix
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