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Payment Guide

Important Note
The quote of exchange rate between the RMB/CNY and the USD, or between the RMB/CNY and other currencies is subject to slight change due to the timely fluctuation of international exchange rate market. You are aware of that each payment rerequires differently due days prior to the arrival date of your China tour. Before payment, please click to see current exchange rate for reference. At BOC or at other website.

Wire Transfer         Credit Cards             PayPal  Payment Online

1. Wire Transfer
Please follow the steps below to make payment via wire transfer:
1. Via email to confirm with us the amount you pay for the tour.
2. Please use the bank information below to make wire transfer at the bank you prefer.
3. And kindly write our tour code on the postscript of transfer sheet.
4. After you pay, please email to let us know or fax the bank receipt to +86-773-3810333

Bank information needed:

of wire transfer 

Beneficiary Bank: Bank of China,Guilin (2 Zhong Shan Zhong Road, Guilin, P.R China)
Swift Number: BKCHCNBJ49C
(Please use this if your bank requires ID and Beneficiary Bank, Routing/ABA Numbers)

Beneficiary Bank Account: Easy Tour China Travel CO., LTD
Benefirciary Account: 6184 5764 6049

The Bank info of Chinese Version for making domestic bank transfer within China:
公司名称: 桂林市易游国际旅行社有限责任公司
账号: 6184 5764 6049

It may take about 2 weeks for the regular wired payment to reach us. So we accept wire transfer payment on condition you confirm the booking and payment are 30 days prior to your arrival date.

2. Credit Cards

Please follow the easy steps to make payment via credit cards:
1. Click to download the form (PDF file / html file), print it out and fill in it.
2. Attach with the photocopy of your credit card (Back and Front) and passport.
3. Please sign at the end of the form equivalent to signature on your credit card.
4. Please fax your credit card information to +86-773-3810333

(a) Via this payment method, We do not accept debit cards.
(b) Bank of China will charge an extra 3% service fee over the cost.
(c) The slight amount difference caused by conversion rate of exchange is out of our control.
Please be noted that this is a guarantee of your payment, we will NOT charge a deposit until from your card after you deliver a formal booking.

3. PayPal  Payment Online
China Fact Tours accepts that Paypal is a safer, easier payment method online.

If you own a Paypal account, please login to complete your transaction after you confirm your tour cost quoted by your travel consultant.

Paypal Account: easytourchina@gmail.com

If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still use your credit card information to pay through Paypal's Official Website. Paypal accepts all the major credit cards and debit cards.

Please kindly mark up extra 4% Paypal service fee over the total cost if you choose to pay via Paypal.