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Xian, China is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and known as the site of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses. It has been the capital of 13 important dynasties in Chinese history. Drenched in over 3,100 years of history, Xi'an is on a par with Athens, Rome and Cairo. Today, this great city attracts worldwide visitors with its royal tombs, city walls, pagodas, towers, temples, mosques, stele forest, pools, museums, mountains, prehistoric village, cave dwellings, unique folk-customs, civilian workmanship and culture of the central plains of China.

Xian Tour Packages

  • 2-Day Xian Private Tour

    The best Xi'an City tour incorporates in many historical highlights of China! Don't miss the opportunity to learn ancient Chinese history from the expert guide!

  • 4-Day Xian Cave Dwellings Tour

    From history, culture and arts to politics, buildings and military, we will spend 4 incredible days exploring the 3 great dynasties of ancient China.

  • 4-Day Xian Tour

    Xi'an was once the capital of more than 10 dynasties in ancient China. Here everything seems to be drenched in history. From the Neolithic site to the stunning terracotta warriors, from the ancient cultural steles to the classic-designed temples, from the imperial mausoleums to the time-honored pagodas and towers...Xian has it all! To explore the mysterious Chinese culture and history, you should not miss this great city!

  • 5-Day Xian Highlights Tour

    Shaanxi is one of the centers of ancient Chinese civilization.And Xian and its nearby city Xianyang have been known as the center of the centers.To unveil the great Chinese civilization, you must start from the mysterious imperial mausoleums,museums,ancient architectures and some historical sites.

  • 6-Day Classic Shaanxi Tour

    A saying goes that:"If you know the history of Shaanxi,then you will know half of the China's history." This classical tour will lead you to the famous historical sites and great sacred mountain in Shaanxi;you will taste the most beautiful and delicious food – Jiaozi in China and enjoy the wonderful Tang Dynasty Show.

  • 6-Day Shaanxi Discovery Tour

    Who is the first legendary ancestor of the Chinese? Where is the second largest and the most breathtaking waterfall in China? What is the eighth world wonder? Where is the world's biggest stele forest? Where to taste the most famous and delicious Jiaozi in China? Trip with our knowledgeble guide,you will see the real facts.

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Tang Dynasty Music & Dance Show