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For centuries, Hangzhou has been praised as the "Paradise on Earth"
and celebrated in poetry and paintings for its beauty and a
favorite imperial retreat. Even the Venetian traveler, Marco
Polo wrote that it was "without doubt the finest and noblest city in
the world" when he visited Hangzhou in several centuries ago.
Hangzhou's tourist sites attract millions of visitors every year, and
reflect its long history as a center of culture, learning
and religion. The scenic hub of the city is its
world-famous West Lake. Other attractions for
visitors include the superb Lingyin Temple,
the Peak That Flew Here, The Temple and
Tomb of General Yue Fei, the Six Harmonies
Pagoda, Meijiawu Tea Village, China Tea
Museum and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hangzhou Tour Packages

  • 4-Day Unforgettable Hangzhou And Xitang

    Savor traditional Chinese culture! This trip will take you to discover many fabulous cultural facts and beautiful attractions...

  • 4-Day Hangzhou Private Tour

    Hangzhou has unique tourist attractions endowed by nature and history. This Hangzhou tour package is tailored-made for those who would like to be intoxicated in the China's "paradise on earth"...

  • 4-Days Hangzhou Wuzhen Tour

    Cruise on the West Lake and take in the stunning views that have inspired poets and artists for centuries. We also witness the interesting cultural facts in one of the 10 top Chinese water towns...

  • 6-Day Xitang Hangzhou Shaoxing Tour

    Wooden molder, millet wine, eaves tile, silk, unique ancient buildings, tea, calligraphy, herbal medicine, kiln, legends and stories...This package tour is perfect for those who are crazy about the traditional Chinese culture!

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Hangzhou Tea Culture Tour