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Hangzhou Shopping

The gentle water of West Lake makes Hangzhou "the heaven on earth". This beautiful city with long history and abundant products was called "shopping heaven" of the Southeast due to thriving trades since ancient times. Some traditional arts and crafts, such as Hangzhou silk, Longjing green tea (dragon well tea), Guan porcelain of Southern Song Dynasty, silk umbrella of West Lake, Zhangxiaoquan scissors and Wangxingji fans, are all famous at home and abroad. Nowadays there are forests of stores in Hangzhou City; hundreds of shopping centers, department stores and brand specialized stores gather in some famous shopping streets like Yan'an Road and Wulin Square.

Main Shopping Areas

-Hangzhou Department Store
Satiated in the southeast of Wulin Square, and covering a business area of 22,000 sq m, Hangzhou Department Store possesses 13 stores and operates more than 80,000 kinds of commodities. Meanwhile this store purposely sets up "delicacy joy city", making it a large comprehensive department store for shopping, entertainment, and relaxation.
Transport: Take Bus No. 11, 28, 55, 151 to Wulin Square Stop.

-Jiefang Road Department Store
Situated at the side of West Lake, and 1,500 m away from the railway station, it is a multi-functional, intelligent building with department store, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and parking lot. The department store manly sells varieties of middle and high grade products.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 7, 56.

-Shop of Wangxingji Fans Factory
Built in 1875, Wangxingji Fans Factory now is the only factory that could produce fans of all kinds in China. There are 15 categories of fans, like black-paper fans, sandal-wood fans, white-paper fans, spun silk fans, hanging fans, perfumed wood fans, and stage fans, etc.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 7, 25, 55, 56.

-Dujinsheng Franchise Store
As a time-honored special store, Dujinsheng Franchise Store specializes in silk-made tourist souvenirs and silk-make tourists souvenirs and silk-made presents, etc. it mainly dals in silk crafts made by Dujinsheng Silk Factory, including varieties of pure silk, brocade, desk blanket, back cushion, bedspread, silk picture, silk scarf, tie, silk umbrella, double-side embroidery, Chinese-style clothes and fashionable dress, etc.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 25, 151, 155.

Famous Streets

-Yan'an Road Business Street
The most famous business street in Hangzhou, this street collects most stores with rather high reputation, such as Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Mansion Shopping Center, Yintai Department Store, Guoda Department Store, Gonglian Mansion, Xinghe Dress City, and exclusive agencies of brands as well as time-honored stores.
Address: with Wulin Square at the core in the north, south to the crossroad of Jiefang Road

-Xinhua Road Silk Specialty Street (China Silk Town)
Xinhua Road Silk Specialty Street is a pedestrian street combining culture, tourism and trade, and also the biggest retail and wholesale silk market in China.

-Wushan Road Night Fair
The traditional night fair of Hangzhou, and mainly dealing in products such as antiques, jade articles, and silks, etc., Wushan Road Nigh Fair attracts many tourists coming to Hangzhou.
-Wulin Road Fashion Dress Street
Ever the birthplace of women's dress of Hangzhou Academism, now the small stores here are famous for fashionable women's dress. There are many special small shops like Orchid Silk Painting Shop, Flowers in the Water Shop, Free Room Shop, Jumping Fish Shop, and Non-main-stream Shop, etc., as well as two large markets, namely, fashion city and shoes city. Of course, there are also stores dealing in men's leisure clothes.

-Qinghefang Historic Culture Street
As the epitome of the historic culture of Hangzhou, and formed after Southern Song Dynasty moved to Hangzhou as its capital, Qinghefang History Culture Street was ever flourishing for a while. Nowadays this street is lined with rows of stores trading in tea, medicine, silk, roasted seeds and nuts, food, antiques, calligraphy and paintings as well as some tiem-honored shops like Huaqingyutang, Wanglong Ham Store, Wangxingji Fans Store, etc.

Recommended Commodities
The most special products are silk clothes, Zhangxiaoquan scissors, Wangxingji fans, Loangjing tea, Tianmu dried bamboo shoots, little walnuts, and Hangzhou white chrysanthemum tea, etc.

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