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Shopping in Chongqing

Chongqing is considered as an ideal place for shopping, owing to the vast territory of the region, abundant natural resources and various specialties. Major shopping centers are scatteres around the Liberation Stele and Chaotian Gate in Yuzhong District. The Liberation Stele is surrounded by myriad department stores and specially streets. As the gateway of Liberation Stele business district, new Oriental Woman Plaza is a large shopping store specializing in women commodities.

Main Shopping Areas
-Pacific Department Store
Located in the Metropolitan Plaza near the Liberation Stele, Pacific Department Store embraces all kinds of franchise store of international brands. Here you can find fashionable clothes, ornaments and jewelry, at the same time, enjoy the comfortable and pleasant shopping environment.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 402, 405, 463.

-New Oriental Women Plaza
Surrounded by Datong Road, Minsheng Road and Zourong Road, New Oriental Women Plaza is situated in the Liberation Stele business district in Yuzhong District, and is the gateway of this business district. Governing an area of 20.000 square meters, New Oriental Women Plaza consists of a four-storey department store and two-story parking lot, with the capacity of 250 cars.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 402, 405.

Famous Street

-The Liberation Stele Plaza
The liberation Stele Plaza is the moat bustling business center in Chongqing, where stands numerous high rises, department stores, theaters, dance halls, groceries, bookstores, guesthouses and hotels, with highly developed transportation system. While viewing the scenery in Chongqing, tourists van at the same time enjoy local snacks and purchase souvenirs and other commodities.

Address: in the most bustling business center, from Xiaoshizi in the east to Jiaochangkou in west, from Xinhua Road in the south to Minsheng Road in the north.

Recommended Commodities
Chongqing is a mountainous region yielding a wealth of precious medicinal materials, including coptis chinensis and gastrodia elata of Shizhu, eucommia ulmoides of Nanchuan, and Miao Ginseng of Wushan Mountain. The climate and geological conditions create a xound environment for the growth of fruits. Jiangjin oranges, Cangxi snow pears, Changkou Mopan Persimmons are all well-known, and Dahongpao tangerines were once the tribute to the impartial court. On top of this, Chongqing is one of major origins of tea in China. Tuo Tea, Cuiping Silver Tips Tea, Xinong Tips Tea are all of top class. The city is also renowned for diversified and delicious snacks derived from Sichuan cuisine, including Old Sichuan Dengying Beef, Jinjiao Spiced Beef, Fuling Mustard Shoot Tips, Jiangjin Rice Cake and Hechuan Peach Slices, etc. Folk handicrafts in Chongqing feature strong local flavor, such as Sichuan embroidery, Rongchang folding fans, bamboo-woven articles of all kinds, brocade of the Tujia mationality, Longshui hardware, and inkstone of the Three Gorges.

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