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Shopping in Fujian

Located in the developed area along the coast of the southeast of China, Fujian is of various products. Its main specialties are: bodiless lacquer wares and paper umbrellas of Fuzhou, Quanzhou puppets Zhangzhou narcissuses, Yunguo fruit, Fujian tangerines, longans, llichees, bananas, loquats, pineapples, Yuanhetang, candied fruits, and Wuyi rock tea, etc.
                                                                               Shopping in Fuzhou
Fuzhou-also called Rongcheng-the capital of Fujian Province, is a cultural city of more than 2,000 years and an important harbor of China. Fuzhou is a treasure house of local specialties. Bodiless lacquer ware of Fuzhou is famous traditional handicraft, and Shoushan stone sculptures get great praise from epigraphers. Tea like Jasmine tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin tea, Wuyi rock tea; subtropical fruits like oranges, longans, lichees, and loquats are well-known all over the country.

The main business streets in Fuzhou are as follows: Wusi Road mainly dealing in brand clothes and tourist souvenir; Wuyi Road collecting large department stores and large shopping malls; Taijiang Road-the market of small commodities and secondhand goods with special features. Dongjiekou, the traditional business streets; Bayiqi Road, the oldest and the busiest shopping street of Fuzhou; Aofeng Road, the largest wholesale market of Fuzhou; Zhongting Street, the first indoor pedestrian street of Eastern Asia: Zhongzhou Island, the first pedestrian shopping island.

There are also many large modern supermarkets of multiple functions, such as Wal-mart, Metro and Carrefour, etc.

                                                                              Shopping in Xiamen

Xiamen is a seaside garden city and also famous hometown for overseas Chinese. The famous Gulangyu covered with Western-style houses and flying egrets mixes natural scenes and metropolitan scenes, having attracted many tourists coming to Xiamen. There are two concentrated business streets for tourists’ shopping in Xiamen. One is in Zhongshan Road of the old downtown, the other is in Longtou Road of Gulangyu Island. Besides, the Street near Xiamen University and World Trade Mansion are worth a visit. Besides, the Street near Xiamen University and World Trade Mansion are worth a visit.

Famous Streets
-Zhongshan Road
The busiest street in Xiamen city, Zhongshan Road processes hundreds of building with not only western style but also seashore feature, and hundreds of department stores, restaurants with superb collection of good in the business centre of Xianmen, which has accumulated large stores like Hualian Mansion, Huahui Department Store, the No.1 Department Store, and Tianshun Jewelry Shop, etc. the streets nearby, like North Siming Road, and East Siming Road, are all good places for shopping.

-The Street near Xiamen University
Actually a half-side street and less than 1,000 m away from Xiamen University, one side of this street is lined with hundreds of stores while the other is the wall of quiet Nantuo Temple. Different from other business circle, this street has an atmosphere in accordance with the culture of Xiamen University. Here, besides important bookstores of Xiamen, no matter food, drink, clothes, or culture goods and sports gods, are all with cultural atmosphere.

-Longtou Road of Gulangyu
The main business street and the only way to the island, Longtou Road mainly deals in tourist goods, handicrafts, calligraphy, paintings and decicacies from land and sea of South China. there are bead embroidery, carved lacquer, color prick, painted pottery produced natively, and antiques and jades from all parts of the country. Tourists who want to enjoy seafood could find many restaurants here with varieties of fresh aquatic products shown at the gate.

-World Trade Mansion
A newly-built business centre and close to the railway station, it possesses the largest supermarket Wal-Mart, Printemps Department Store, and varieties of goods, making it an indispensable place for shopping. Address: No. 878-888 Xiahe Road

Recommend Commodities
Meat pie and dried meat floss of Xiamen are well known; you could buy some to taste or for your families.

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