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Shopping in Lijiang

Lijiang, located in the northwest part of Yunnan Province, is an ancient city with beautiful sceneries and splendid civilization. It is a major collecting and distributing center of different products in the northwest part of Yunnan and the place of production of many handicrafts. Thus almost all the specialties of southwest China are available here.
Famous Street

Sifang Street
With different stores lining up neatly on its four sides, Sifang Street is a rather famous shopping market of the ancient Lijiang City. Visitors can find handicrafts with distinct flavor of ethnic groups and may have a taste of the special snacks when they are tiered.
Address: at the center of ancient Lijiang City

Recommended Commodities
Lijiang boasts unique special products thanks to its geographical position and special climate. There are natural products such as caterpillar funguses, tall gastrodia tuber, xue tea (snow tea), ginseng, cellar-stored wine, pine mushroom, chenghai spirulina and cultural products such as bronze ware of Lijiang, wax printing of Dongba, terra-cotta of Jinsha, wooden handicrafts, calligraphy and paintings in pictographic characters.

Useful Tips for Shopping in Lijiang
You should be patient when shopping in Lijiang ancient town, because lots of interesting things can only be found in some lonely alleyways; and don't buy overabundant merchandise during your Lijiang tour, make sure that whether it's convenient for you to take back home or not.

Along the alleyways of the ancient town, there are many local stores selling handicrafts. Because most of the handicrafts there are handmade, the price for them is relatively a little more expensive. For example, an ordinary handbag with the price of 20 Yuan, yet you can bargain for a much fair price of about 12 Yuan. Most interestingly, sometimes you can watch the whole making process of the handicrafts.

For the tourists who would like to collect murals, the local Naxi murals will be a good choice for you. You can buy one at the price of about 15 Yuan to 30 Yuan. The murals can be used as table cloth with unexpected magnificence.

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