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Tea Theme Tour
The Chinese tea culture is extensive and profound, and with a long history behind it, not only dose it include the layer of material culture, but the connotation of spiritual civilization. The below China tea tours will lead you steep in the traditions of tea, spirits of tea and tea wares and at the same time touch on the importance of the master traditions of several other aspects of Chinese arts and culture.
On this special China tea trip, we will learn the Chinese tea culture and history, watch the classical Chinese tea ceremony, pick different tea leaves and witness their making process... and famous tourist sites are incorporated in this package!
Work with the teaplanters in the famous Xihu Longjing tea plantation and the Wuyi Rock tea plantation, taste different kinds of teas, visit tea school, tea museum, ancient tea bowls kiln, and tea factory...this China tea travel will be an unforgettable experience in your life-time.
This is a perfect China tea tour for the travelers who want to exlore the facts about Pu Erh Tea, the ancient Tea and Horse Rute, and learn how to make authentic Gongcheng Oil Tea from the Yao minority... also, we visit many top attractions in southwest China.
China Tea Facts
  • Tea History Of China
  • Chinese Tea Culture
  • Chinese Tea Ceremony
  • Tea-Horse Route
  • China Tea Set
  • Yixing Clay Teapot
  • Gongcheng Oil Tea