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Keemun Black Tea

Keemun black tea, produced in Qimen County of Anhui provice, is the traditional famous-brand tea in China. ("Keemun" was the English spelling for "Qimen" during the colonial era. Today, many people like to call the tea: Qimen black tea). Keemun black tea has a high reputation around the world and is crowned as the " Queen of Black Tea". It is a rare tea among the black tea and favored by the Queen of England and royal family there. It was once awarded the gold medal at Panama World Expo and gold medal in China.

It has slim shapes, embellishing black color and fragrant favor. When soaked into hot water, the color of the tea becomes flush and transparently vivid. The aroma of Keemun is fruity, with hints of pine, dried plum and floweriness (but not at all as floral as Darjeeling tea) which creates the very distinctive and balanced taste. It also displays a hint of orchid fragrance and the so-called 'China tea sweetness'. The tea can have a more bitter taste and the smokiness can be more defined depending on the variety and how it was processed.

Keemun Black Tea

Keemun is typically drunk without milk or sugar; outside China it may also be taken with milk--the fragrance will be stronger.

* Keemun Gongfu or Congou: Made with careful skill ("gongfu") to produce thin, tight strips without breaking the leaves.
* Keemun Mao Feng: A variety, where Mao Feng means Fur Peak, which is made of only slightly twisted leaf buds and is sometimes noted for a smoother and different flavor. Many people prefer to brew a smaller quantity of this tea for a longer time than usual, up to 7 minutes, to bring out more interesting tones in the tea.
* Keemun Xin Ya: The early bud variety, said to have less bitterness.
* Keemun Hao Ya: A variety known for its fine buds, sometimes showing prominent amounts of silver tips, and generally the highest grade. Hao Ya is sometimes graded into A and B, where A is the better grade.
* Hubei Keemun: Not a true Keemun, a variety that comes from the Hubei Province west of Anhui, said to have similar qualities to the Anhui Keemun.

Keemun Black Tea

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