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Yuhua Tea

The Yuhua Tea or Rain Flower Tea is named after Yuhuatai, the producing area of the glittering colorful round Rain-flower Pebbles (Yuhua Pebbles) in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It was first developed in 1958 with a history of over 30 years till now. As one of the Ten Famous Tea in China, Yuhua Tea appears green and round resembling pine and is covered with white hair, which is as tight and straight as the pine needle.

The Yuhua Tea shall be picked before the Grain Rain day, and the young leaves shall be 2.5 to 3 centimeters long featuring a bud and a leaf. The whole tea processing is done by hand. This green tea requires great skill and dexterity to make. The newly picked leaves shall be properly kept to avoid sunshine and processed in time.

The finished Yuhua Tea resembles the pine needle in shape. After steeped with hot water, the leaves will spread out with good color, bringing out fresh and cool flavor and sweet aroma. It can help to remove internal heat and fat, refresh you and boost the Qi.

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