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Tunxi Green Tea

Tunxi Green Tea, also known as Tunlu Tea, is one of the Chinese highest grade green tea. It has a history of more than 1,200 written years. Tunxi Green Tea is being praised as "Green Gold". 

The most distinguishing feature of the Tunxi Green tea is the sturdy, tightly kinked twigs with bright color and luster. After the tea is made, its broth assumes bright green, and exudes refreshing and delicate scent, a rich and mellow fragrance like that of Chinese chestnuts .

Most of the Tunxi Green tea gardens are located near the bend of the confluence of rivers, where deep and rich soil has layers containing organic matters, and surrounded with deep valley and many clouds. Here, has better tea-leaves than other places. Besides, one of the highlights of the Tunxi green tea is that the tea has a special fragrance of some flowers, for the area of tea gardens is also the gardens of natural flowers. The time picking the tea-leaves is also the time of blooming of flowers.

With excellent flavor and taste among the same kinds of green tea, Tunxi Green Tea became worldwide known around 7th century and has been exported abroad in a large scale since the beginning of 16th century. Nowadays they are best sellers around the world.

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