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Design Your Silk Road A La Carte Tour Here

Have any idea for your China trip? Can't find a wish Silk Road itinerary from a list of tour packages? Just feel free to select your preferrence for your Silk Road tour from A La Carte below. Our travel experts are committed to accomplish your desired Silk Road tour with you step by step! You can also Select a China Tour Package and Submit Your Inquiry.

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Xian Attractions :

  • Terracotta Warriors & Horses
  • Ancient City Wall
  • Bell Tower
  • Drum Tower
  • Shaanxi Provincial History Museum
  • BANPO-The Neolithic Village
  • Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Small Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Stele Forest
  • Southern City Gate
  • Great Mosque
  • Tomb of Qin Shihuang Emperor
  • Huaqing Pools
  • Shaanxi Cave Dwellings (Yaodong)
  • Temple of Eight Immortals

Lanzhou to Xiahe Attractions :

  • Songke Grassland
  • Labrang Monastery
  • Jiayuguan Attractions
  • Great Walls Museum
  • Jiayuguan Pass
  • The Great Wall on the Cliff
  • Weijin Tomb

Dunhuang Attractions :

  • Mogao Grottoes
  • Dunhuang Museum
  • Yulin Grottoes
  • Echoing-Sand Dune
  • Crescent Lake
  • Yumen Pass
  • Yangguan Pass
  • Hechang Military Depot
  • Han Dynasty Great Wall

Turpan Attractions :

  • Jiaohe Ruins
  • Karez Well / Channel
  • Sugong Pagoda
  • Gaochang Ruins(Ancient City)
  • Grape Valley
  • Baizikeli Thousand Buddha Cave
  • Astana tombs
  • Toyuk village
  • Flaming Hill(Mountain Gorge)
  • Emin Minaret
  • Suleiman's Minaret

Urumqi Attractions :

  • Nanshan Grasslands
  • Heavenly Lake
  • Red Hill Park
  • Grand Bazaar
  • The Terai Camp

Kashgar Attractions :

  • Sunday Market (Sunday Bazaar)
  • Kashgar Grand Bazaar(Old Street)
  • Id Kah Mosque (Etigar Mosque)
  • Stone City Ruins
  • Mausoleum of Abjak Hoja
  • Mohamat Tomb
  • Karakuli Lake
  • Kanas Lake (including Crouching Dragon Bay, Moon Bay, Duck Lake and Fish Watching Pavilion)

Yining Attractions :

  • Sayram Lake
  • Fruits Valley
  • Huo Er Guo Si Port

Bayinbuluke Attractions :

  • Bayinbuluke Grassland
  • Nalati Grassland
  • Swan Lake Natural Reserve

Your Preference:

  • Visit the Minorities' Family
  • Ethnic Dance
  • Local Food
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Camel Riding
  • Desert View
  • Fruits Taste
  • Glacier View

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