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Xidi Village

Xidi village, located 54 km west of Huangshan city, only 18 km away from Hongcun village, is one of beautiful ancient village of Anhui Province, was listed on the roll of World Cultural Heritage Catalog in 2000. This over 930-year-old village is a must-see for the tourists who are on exploring the ancient Anhaui culture and architecture.

Xidi village is embraced by green mountains, crisscrossed by a network of 99 old stone-paved lanes and two stone-paved main streets. Two streams wander through it and finally meet under the Huiyuan Bridge. Its houses, lanes and streets combine very well with the mountains and streams, the whole village looks like a big stranded ship from the long distance.

Xidi Village, Huangshan Tours Xidi Village, Huangshan Tours Xidi Village, Huangshan Tours

It features old memorial arches, old-time embroidered buildings, folk residences of the Ming (1368-1644AD) and Qing (1616-1911AD) dynasties, ancestral temples, couplets, private gardens, beautiful carvings, folk-custom performances, folk collections, antique furniture, and gardens etc. for many years, they have become the subjects of many movies, television advertisements, and artistic photographs.

Being a treasure trove of ancient Chinese architectural art, Xidi village captures shoals of architects, sculptors, painters, and numerous visitors from abroad.

Xidi Village, Huangshan ToursXidi Village, Huangshan ToursXidi Village, Huangshan Tours

Interesting Suggests for Xidi Village Tour

1. Don't forget to participate in the interest activity--throwing embroidered ball, which is an old custom in China. A girl who standing in an embroidered building to choose her husband by throwing an embroidered ball into a group of men. The man who catches the ball will become her husband, just have a try! Are you ready to be a temporary bridegroom?

2. Try to find how many style carvings on the wood, brick, and stones in Xidi village.

3. Tourist souvenirs are given a very high price, but if you bargain with the peddlers they might reduce the price inconceivably. You can purchase batik tapestry, Tibetan ornaments and all kinds of handicraft articles there.

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