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Woodcutting Houses In Lucun

Lucun Village is mainly home to the family Lu. Located in the northern part of Yixian County and about 2 kilometers from Hongcun Village, it is famed for its beautiful ancient woodcutting houses.

The woodcutting building in Lucun Village consists of seven residential houses, including Zhi Cheng Tang, Si Ji Tang, Si Cheng Tang and the glass-lobby etc.. All these woodcutting houses were built by Lu Baixie, the 33rd generation of the Lu family. Baixie once served as an official in the Qing dynasty, he was nicknamed Millionaire Lu at that time.

Among the seven houses, Zhi Cheng Tang was the best in decoration. You would be shocked by the brilliant decoration as if you went into a wood-carving art palace. The woodcutting of Zhi Cheng Tang consists of mixed carving, line-carving, hidden-carving, rejected-carving and penetrating carving. The numerous figures and animals were carved on the wood vividly. This reflects the skill and supper wisdom of the old artists.

In recent years, the famous woodcutting houses has made Lucun Village the studio of the films of “Huizhou Woman” played by Hang Zaifeng, “Finny’s Smile” played by Wang Zhiwen and “Go out of the Blue Water River” played by Si Qin Gaowa.

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