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Four Natural Wonders in Mt. Huangshan

Mount Huangshan, created by the mighty nature, towers in the mountain areas in South Anhui with its unique beauty. It is like a stereoscopic picture or a soundless poem, calling upon people are able to enjoy its elegant beauty of 154 sq km, people are able to enjoy its elegant beauty of "all famous mountains are inferior to Mount Huangshan in the world"; and can fell the magic of the four wonders: odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocky peaks, seas of clouds and hot springs. You will have the feeling: "It is not worth seeing other mountains in the world if you have been to Mountain Huangshan."

Huangshan is a "pearl" in the famous mountains of China. Many tourists from all over the world have come to see scenic Mountain Huangshan after a long China travel. Chinese people take great pride of the "No. 1 Mountain under Heaven."

Huangshan Natural Wonders

Huangshan Natural WondersHuangshan Natural Wonders

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Oddly Shaped Pines
Mt. Huangshan has unique oddly shaped pines. All visitors who climb the mountain will be intoxicated with the fascinating pines in strange shapes. Growing usually at the summit, the pines are such hard plants that they have stuck their roots deep into the crevices in the rocks and survived by shunning from the rocks, some standing upright and some twisting and hanging upside-down from the cliffs and some with trunks and branched intertwined.

The pine trees add beauty to the picturesque mountain. Leading the ten most famous pine trees in Mount Huangshan, the Guest-greeting and Farewell Pine in front of Jade Screen Pavilion is over 1,000 years old. Ageless and graceful, this towering pine tree extends elegantly outward, looking like a hospitable host bidding a smiling welcome to sightseers from all over the world. It is indeed the symbol of Mountain Huangshan.

Huangshan Natural WondersPeaks
Mountain Huangshan has many rising and falling mountain peaks, among which 72 peaks are famous, such as Lotus Flower Peak, Bright Summit Peak and Heavenly Capital Peak. Of them the most steep is Heavenly Capital Peak, and the highest is Lotus Flower Peak. Picturesque rocks are seen everywhere in the mountains. They are in a myriad of fantastic strange rock, round at the bottom and sharp at the top just like an artist's brush.

From the crack in the top of the rock grows an elegant old pine tree, which is called as "Flowers and Grass from a Dream brush", because the rock below looks like a lying man. There are other unique and lifelike rocks in Mount Huangshan, such as Golden Cock Crowing at Heavenly Gate, Wu Song Striking the Tiger, the Monkey Observing the Sea, and Tianhai Beholding the Moon, etc. These natural rocks, which are a combination of stillness and movement, make Mount Huangshan more attractive.

The Sea of Clouds
There is a Chinese saying: "Since ancient times, there has been a sea of mist and clouds over Mt. Huangshan." The sea of mist and clouds can be seen in Mt. Huangshan all year round. Sometimes the clouds will float around your ankles like ever-changing seawater when you are walking along the path; sometimes the clouds will swirl over you within touch, like illusive floating cotton fiber in the wind. Especially after rain, the green peaks become more mysterious against the sea of mist and clouds surging up and down in the valley.

Huangshan Natural Wonders

Huangshan Natural WondersHuangshan Natural Wonders

Hot Springs
The famous Huangshan hot springs, with its source from the Zhusha Peak, is inexhaustible. The pure and sweet water here is fit both for bathing and drinking. The hot spring scenic spot under the Purple Cloud Peak is a tourist center, where there are hot spring bathrooms and swimming pools. On the rocks beside the spring there is an inscription "The World-Famous Spring". Here the visitors can enjoy themselves in the quiet and comfortable bathrooms; or have a good time in the indoor hot springs and swimming pools, and refresh themselves after drinking the sweet spring water. The underground springs and the hanging waterfalls make Mount Huangshan more fascinating.

The oddly shaped pine trees, spectacular rocky peaks, sea of clouds and hot springs form the unique beauty of Huangshan scenery. In 1990, Huangshan Scenic Area was defined as the "World's Cultural and Natural Heritage," and was put in the list of the "World-Famous Natural Heritages" by the UNESCO.

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