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Dali Ancient City

Famed for the wind, flowers, snow and moon, the Dali Ancient City was first built in 1382. The city is located between Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, has two graceful charming sceneries with dazzling-ripples Erhai Lake in the east and a cloud-wrapped snowy Cangshan Mountain in the west, it bears not only magnificent natural sceneries, as well as numerous cultural relics and multi-colorful ethnic customs.

Experienced four thousand years history, the time-honored Dali City was the center of politics, economy, and cultures in Yunnan Province. During that period, Dali became a focal point for gathering cultural information of Bai People and ethnic minorities. For this reason, Dali has converged cultures of central plains, Nationality. A famous movie named "five golden-flower beauties" impressively displayed the typical Dali features, together with a novel "Heaven Dragon The Eight Episode," Dali Ancient City became a well-known tourist destination around the world.

Dali Ancient Town, Yunnan Tours

Dali Ancient Town, Yunnan ToursDali Ancient Town, Yunnan Tours

Traffic Route: At a distance of 400 kilometers from Kunming City, Dali Ancient Town can be reached by bus, or by plane.

Accommodation: The Bai's residential house in Dali Ancient Town, Shenghui Hotel, Tel: 0872-2677188; Jinhua Hotel, Tel: 0872-2677188.

Special Food and Drink: Three-course Tea, steamed fish in Casserole, Dengchuang milk curd, the Bai's cold Jelly, steamed chicken, etc.

Near-by Scenic Spots: Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Foreigners' Street, and the Shooting City for Heaven Dragon The Eight Episode, etc.

Dali Ancient Town, Yunnan ToursDali Ancient Town, Yunnan ToursDali Ancient Town, Yunnan Tours

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