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Xizhou Town

Located in north part of Dali City, Xizhou Town is a main residential district for Bai Nationality, as a birthplace of Dali culture; it is also a famous historic cultural town of Bai Nationality. The world well-known the Bai's architectural groups are existing in the town, which displays overall the Bai architectural features with elegant and exquisite "San Fang Yi Zhao Bi" "Si He Wu Tian Jing", paneled doors, sculptural relief, hand-colored painting, etc.

Many intact different-style architectures built in Ming and Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and Modern China are still preserved in Xizhou Town, which shows a miracle in its architectural history.

Dali Xizhou Town, Yunnan Tours

Dali Xizhou Town, Yunnan ToursDali Xizhou Town, Yunnan Tours

In the town you will meet charming Golden Flower beauties every corner of the street, dressed in bright colorful the Bai's apparels and accessories, the beauties look like a elegant landscape in Xizhou Town. On the street, you can buydifferent kinds of Bai Nationality's handicrafts and gourmets, and you will feel a warm and homely feeling.

Traffic Route: At a distance of 400 kilometers from Kunming City, and 32 kilometers from Xiaguan, tourists can take bus from Kunming to Xiaguan, and then transfer a bus from Xiaguan to the destination (bus ticket: RMB 95-116yuan).

Accommodation: the Bai's houses Kunrui Hotel in Dali City, Tel: 0872-2166608; Tianlong Hotel in Dali City, Tel: 0872-2209888.

Special Drink and Food: Three-course Tea, Dali cold rice noodles with chicken thread, milk curd, Xizhou cake, rice cake shred, etc.

Near-by Scenic Spots: Nanzhao Island, Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple, Butterfly Spring Park, Haixin Pavilion, etc.

Dali Xizhou Town, Yunnan ToursDali Xizhou Town, Yunnan ToursDali Xizhou Town, Yunnan Tours

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