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Silk Road

China Fact Tours takes you to the western part of China, thru the gobi, across the desert and over the high mountains. And you will meet the hospitable oasis people, the descendants of the inter marriage of the various tribes between the Caucasians and the herders on the prairies. Depending on your time and physical situation, the following programs have been carefully selected.

Silk Road Tour Packages

  • 11-Day Scenic Xinjiang Tour

    The ultimate journey for nature lovers who want to experience Xinjiang's complete spectrum from outstanding natural reserves to boundless grasslands, exceptional lakes, mountains, major historic sites and a plethora of animals.

  • 8-Day Classical Xinjiang Silk Road Tour

    In ancient times, there was once a big section of the Silk Road traversed Xinjiang, China. This vicinal Xinjiang tour will lead you to explore the most famous historical sites in Central Asia, unique Uighur civilization, wonderful natural views of Xi

  • 10-Day Silk Road Adventure

    Have a thirst for Silk Road Adventure? Then go with our Silk Road guide, you will need not go through hardships! You will take the comfortable train and flight to explore this great ancient trade route. You will have personal guide, car and driver...

  • 11-Day Silk Road Rediscovery Tour

    Remote ancient city ruins, dismal and boundless deserts, vast grasslands, tranquil and nice lakes, historical sites, and numerous immemorial cultural relics...your Silk Road journey will be unusual,and so let's trace the footsteps of the ancient

  • 24-Day Silk Road and Classic China Tour

    This Silk Road Adventure tour is extremely challenging! So think carefully before you inquire and decide to pay the bill. You will traverse the boundless deserts by car or by camel like the ancient caravans from Arab and Persia. During this long jour

  • 14-Day Trace The Silk Road

    The journey of a lifetime from east to west across the heart of China, encompassing all forms of terrain and most of the major sights that this amazing country has to offer.

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