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Sanjiang claims its unique Dong minority culture for a fame. The county has more than 200 beautiful Wind and Rain Bridges, which are covered bridges built with wood and no-nail. Together with over 300 drum towers scattered over the Dong villages, They feature the Dong People with their architectural beauty. Today, the local villages, where unique customs, lifestyle, garments, food and drink are kept, seem to be untouched by the outside world. The villagers still live in their traditional tiered legged wooden houses and usually celebrate their festivals with bullfighting, pipe playing, dancing and comedy works...

Sanjiang Tour Packages

  • 5-Day Guangxi Ethnic Groups Exploration

    This Guangxi tour will take you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes in Guilin,Yangshuo,Longsheng and Sanjiang;explore the primitive villages of the Yao,Zhuang,and Dong minorities...visit their unique buildings and dig their special customs,clothing,culture,food and history...

  • 7-Day Guilin Longsheng Sanjiang Yangshuo Essential Tour

    Well suited for the Chinese minorities enthusiasts! Experience the genuine customs of the Yao,Zhuang and Dong people in Longsheng and Sanjiang.We'll take you to their villages and you'll be attracted by their folk customs, incomparable buildings and the beautiful surroundings they live.A cruise on the picturesque Li River will be another unforgettable highlight on this affordable trip.

  • 8-Day Sanjiang Tour

    A well-designed private sightseeing tour for those who want to learn the facts of Chinese ethnic groups. We'll hike to different villages to explore buildings, traditions and taste the local food...

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