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Dong People's Eco-Museum

Properly speaking, it is a special giant living "exhibition hall" consists of a museum and 9 traditional Dong villages.
The Museum in the Guyi Town
The museum is located in the Guyi Town, Sanjiang County. It was open to the public in November, 2004. Covering an area of 1,550 sq meters, it has four exhibition rooms and houses more than 1,000 pieces of Dong relics including the traditional garments, folk arts, brocades, embroideries and the documents of literature and art. The museum features the Dong people's architectural style with the Wind & Rain Bridge and the Drum tower.
The Nine Dong People's Villages
The nine Dong people's villages are part of the Eco-Museum including Zuolong, Baxie, Pingliu, Hualian, Batuan, Gaoding, Dudong, Ya and Linlue. In these villages, people still live in the traditional Dong wooden buildings. They have their own special customs and way of life.

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang ToursDong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Zuolong Village
Originally built in 1487, the village is located on the hillside. The Miao River twining through in front of it. The buildings in the village including a wind and rain bridge (built in 1836), a two drum towers (one of the towers is 5-storied and 10.6m in height, built in 1833), village gate, Diaojiao lou (a kind of hillside pile-dwelling), and the theater stage.

Baxie Village
Baxie Village was first build in 1503, has 1 drum tower and two wind and rain bridges. One of the bridges is called Gongfu which was built in 1826.

Pingliu Village
The history of Pingliu Village is as long as that of Baxie Village. It consists of 4 natural small villages. A drum tower in the village was built in 1987, 16 meters in height. Its wind and rain bridge was first built in 1861 and rebuilt in 1951.

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang ToursDong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Hualian Village
Built in 1504, the village has 461 families, three drum towers and one wind and rain bridge.

Batuan Village
The village was set up in 1603. It has two drum towers, three wind and rain bridges. Of the three, the Batuan Bridge is very unique in architectural style. This 50-meter-long wooden bridge is divided into two aisles. One is for people, the other is for livestock. The bridge has two stages, three pavilions and ten porches. All the architects who had been the village were amazed at its unique style.

Gaoding Village
It is known as the most primitive and intact Dong village in Sanjiang. This village is 50km from the seat of the sanjiang County. In the village, there are more than 500 Diaojiao Lou (a kind of wooden hillside pile-dwelling) scattered in the valley with greens clustered around, a wind and rain bridge, seven drum towers which belong to seven clans.

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Dong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang ToursDong People's Eco-Museum, Sanjiang Tours

Linlue Village
5km from Dudong Village, about an hour trek there. Rows of brown-roof wooden houses tidily lined on the top of the mountain, with 3 drum towers dotted amid. The stockade village stands like bodyguard overlooking the terraced rice fields on the slope.

Dudong Village
A remote Dong village nestled in the mountainous area on the very borderland of Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi, 48km from Sanjiang County. The wind and rain bridges, traditional wooden buildings and terraced rice fields feature largely in the vicinity.

Ya Village
A very beautiful Dong village nearby the Dudong Village. It has its own unique drum towers, wooden buildings, and the wind and rain bridges.

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