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Danzhou Scenic Area

Danzhou Ancient Town is located at the juncture of Sanjiang, Rong'an and Rongshui counties. It was the old seat of Sanjiang County. The population of Danzhou is more than 1000, consisting of Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Han ethnic groups. The local people are simple, honest and unspoiled. They still lead a very traditional life and have the very old customs.

Danzhou is an intact old town where you can visit its ancient city gate, the old colleges that built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), historical assembly hall and the old county yamen (local ancient administration). These sites are the windows to help you see through the history of China.

Danzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang Tours

Danzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang ToursDanzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang Tours

The natural view is beautiful in Danzhou. The whole town is embraced by water. On the island, there are green lawns, bamboo forests, old banyan trees, camellias, azaleas, river beach, lotus ponds etc.

A highlight in Danzhou may be the "Pomelo Festival. It is celebrated in every early November. During the days, tourists from various regions flock to taste the local pomelos, special cured meat and fish. At the same time, the tourists can choose and take the best local wonder stones and the beautiful bonsai to back their home.

Apart from the above mention, some other attractions should not be missed in Danzhou Scenic Area. They are Lion Cave, Guniangfang, White Mouse, General Brock, Qingshui Ling, Ancient Castle (built in the Ming Dynasty), and the Danzhou Eco-Village.

Danzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang ToursDanzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang ToursDanzhou Scenic Area, Sanjiang Tours

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