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Huangshan Tours

Yellow Mountain hiking around wonders: sea of clouds, grotesque rocks, greeting pines, springs, rivers and old villages. >> More Huangshan Travel Guide

  • Huangshan Travel

    4-Day Huangshan Highlights Tour

    Mountain Huangshan is known for many wonders-imposing peaks, grotesque rocks,canyons,odd-shaped pines,sea of clouds, springs,winter snow,spectacular sunset and sunrise...this Huangshan tour package will show you some of them and the famous ancient stone arches in Anhui. >> Itinerary Details

  • Huangshan Tour

    4-Day Yellow Mountain Tour

    During this 4-Day Yellow Mountain Tour, we will enjoy the awesome natural marvels in the world geological park - Mount Huangshan, explore the world cultural heritage site - Hongcun Village and visit the unbeatable woodcutting houses in the world. >> Itinerary Details

  • Mount Huangshan

    6-Day Huangshan Mountain Walking Tour

    A special China walking tour! We will hike through the majestic Yellow Mountain, and visit the Hongcun Village, Luncun Village, Tangyue Archways, Bao Family Garden and the unique ancient woodcutting houses. >> Itinerary Details

  • Huangshan Mountain

    6-Day Huangshan Hiking Tour

    This guided Huangshan Hiking tour offers you a special way to visit the breathtaking Yellow Mountain, Taoist Qiyun Mountain, the beautiful Xin'an River, world cultural heritage villages - Xidi and Hongcun, and the exciting bamboo rafting on the Hengjiang River. >> Itinerary Details

  • Huangshan Tour

    4-Day Huangshan Avatar Tour

    Have you been stunned by the awesome scenes in the film, Avatar? Do you know which beautiful Chinese mountain is the inspiration for the floating Hallelujah Mountains in the film? Then go out from the cinema to Huangshan Mountain to have a true eye... >> Itinerary Details

  • Huangshan Tour

    6-Day Shanghai And Huangshan Tour

    This 6-Day Shanghai and Huangshan impression tour is tailor-made to show you the famous highlights in Shanghai and the natural wonders of the great Yellow Mountain (aka Mt. Huangshan) as well as the world heritage sites-Hongcun and Xidi villages. >> Itinerary Details

  • Huangshan Tour

    2-Day Huangshan Photo Tour

    Mt.Huangshan is known as the paradise of the shutterbugs! Here you can catch many wonders:strangely-shaped pines,grotesque rock formations,sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snow...don't miss this world famous natural zoo and botanical garden! Just take your camera with us! >> Itinerary Details