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Lijiang Tours

Lijiang is extolled as top romantic destination, for its old towns, mystic minorities, uniqu culture, ancient temples, beautiful gorges, snowclad mountains and serene lakes...

  • First Bend of Yangtze River Lijiang

    4-Day Lijiang Essential Tour

    Lijiang Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It differs from other ancient Chinese cities in architecture, history and the culture of its traditional residents - the Naxi people. The old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges. >> Itinerary Details

  • Lugu Lake Lijiang China

    5-Day Romantic Lijiang Tour

    You won't believe how Lijiang is romantic until you walk on its ancient towns' streets, visit the beautiful Lugu Lake and talk with the indigenous Mosuo People on the lakeside, and discorver the unique customs of Naxi People. Start from Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Dali, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and etc.. Join this tour now! >> Itinerary Details

  • Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

    5-Day Lijiang Private Tour

    Lijiang Old Town is known as the Romantic Capital of the Orient. It has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the ancient Tea Horse Route. The town has numerous historical sites, beautiful natural scenery, unique ethnic culture, and its people always enjoying laid-back life. Trip this great ancient town through the eyes of our local professional guides you will get different experience. >> Itinerary Details