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Chengdu Tours

Chengdu is noted for its unique history, culture, panda bears, yummy food, unhurried life style, and numerous ancient human & natural landscapes.

  • Sichuan Opera

    4-Day Chengdu Tour

    Oh Chengdu! From Sichuan style cuisine to panda bears; from the great ancient irrigation system to the beautiful Taoist mountain, from the Mahjong games to the Sichuan Opera including the face-changing, the ancient temples and the old business street. This is a recipe for fun and excitement. >> Itinerary Details

  • Chengdu Giant Panda Base

    3-Day Chengdu Panda Bear Tour

    Visit the word's ninth wonder and the national living fossil of China - adorable pandas, explore the Shu culture and experience the most laid-back life in China -on this 3 days trip, you will be delightful. >> Itinerary Details

  • Qingcheng Mountain China

    2-Day Chengdu Sightseeing Tour

    Well-designed private tour package of Chengdu! The trip incorporates in the must-see attractions in Chengdu and the two world cultural heritage sites around. >> Itinerary Details