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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo is a very scenic tourist destination of China. From the sublime karst hills to the sleepy old villages, from the fantastic caves to the limpid rivers, from the fruitful orchards to the green paddy fields and the friendly people...Yangshuo has it all. For centuries, its misty and mysterious paysage has attracted travelers, painters and holy people from all over the world. The region's famous mountainscapes have been sketched by painters from one dynasty to the next. The allure of Yangshuo has anything but diminished throughout the centuries, and today the city attracts nearly two million tourists every year.

Yangshuo Scenery
Yangshuo boosts four major scenic areas with over 20 scenic spots, each with its own peculiarity. The landscape there changes color and looks as the season and the day change, and gives different tastes in different weather. Of interest to visitors are Green Lotus Peak, Yangshuo Park, Mount Painting, Moon Hill, Big Banyan Tree, West Street, Yulong River, Xanadu, Butterfly Springs, Dragon Cave, Fuli Town, Xingping Town, Puyi Town, Gaotian Town... There is a very popular saying "Guilin's landscape tops those elsewhere, and Yangshuo landscape tops that of Guilin". It is a very popular travelers' destination in its own right and certainly a good place to live and work, with a diversity of opportunity.

Travel in Yangshuo
Yangshuo is small (population: about 41,000 in the county proper) but very travel friendly: the county center is teeming with tourists. Nearly everyone speaks English, even some uncultured old men and women. There is a great range of excellent food, both Chinese and Western, in a broad selection of restaurants, cafes and bars. A huge variety of hotels and guesthouses are available to suit most tastes, comfort levels and budgets. There are also a variety of travel agents and services available to help with both domestic and international travel and connections. Just 65km south of Guangxi Province's second city, Guilin, Yangshuo is easily accessible by airplane from all over China, as well as being just an overnight train or bus ride from Hong Kong

Do in Yangshuo
As well as boasting some of the most sublime landscapes imaginable, Yangshuo is also rapidly becoming the adventure sports center and a traditional Chinese culture showcase of southern China and beyond. Some of China's finest rock climbing, ballooning, caving, hiking, rafting, kayaking, and of course cycling are drawing an ever increasing number of people to Yangshuo to enjoy what this area has to offer. Interestingly, in this small county, you can learn Qigong, Kung Fu, Taiji Boxing, Chinese calligraphy with writing brush (Shufa), Chinese chess (Xiangqi), and traditional Chinese paintings from the masters. Also, you can be a volunteer English teacher and visit the local foreign language schools to teach students English, by this way you may learn some Chinese language and know something about Chinese education from them.

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