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Impression Liu Sanjie

Impression Liu Sanjie, Guilin ToursA fantastic night entertainment show-Impression Liu Sanjiein has been performed in the natural scenic setting in Yangshuo these years. It is popular with tourists across the world. The "Legend of Liu Sanjie" is well-known amid Chinese people. That is what let the legendary Liu Sanjie come out from a story, from a movie and be performing on a real stage.

Impression Liu Sanjie is a major project for the tourism development of Yangshuo, a pearl-like county on the beautiful Li River. The performance venue, the largest natural theater in the world places on a riverbank surrounded by 12 mountains, boasts 2,000 seats, from which the audience can see for two kilometers into the distance. This grand folk musical show directed by Zhang Yimou, a world-renowned Chinese film director.

Impression Liu Sanjie, Guilin ToursDuring the one-hour performance, more than 600 actors who are local fishermen, will be dressed in different styles of Zhuang, Miao and Yao ethnic groups' clothing, and will jointly sing folk songs, popular both at home and overseas. The magnificent background setting, artistic neon lighting, and celestial beauty of the show took the audiences' breath away. The story is about a legendary figure Liu Sanjie who represents the beauty, love, and courage. Much has changed in the outside world, but people in this remote village are still singing the old songs... Time seems stagnant here.

The performance has paid much attention to environmental protection and offer portable toilets at the venue. Ever since the premiere on March 20, 2004, the performance has been performed every two or three days. What's more different is that this creative musical show is actually a poverty-alleviation project. The average income for the farmers there is less than $10 a month. Thousands of people from the surrounding villages participated in the show. Each show employs 600 local village performers. Each person received $3 for the performance s/he attended. It attracts the significant amount of tourists to the area. The tickets cost anywhere between $20--$80. This is absolutely a world-class show - as someone said: "a masterpiece by the Creator and man."

Show time:  Mon. - Fri. the show normally starts at 20:00; weekends, Oct. 1 - Oct. 7 or the seven-day holidays during the Spring Festival, the show usually has two-time performances. The first time starts at 19:40, the second time starts at 21:00, but the show may be in suspension in the heavy rain nights or before the month of the Spring Festival.

Impression Liu Sanjie, Guilin ToursComments from the audiences on some travel blogs:

I was deeply moved and inspired by the show. It taught me that there are many different ways to make a difference, and you just have to be creative!
-----Helen Wang May 7, 2007

I watched the performance last week when I traveled to Guilin. I was shocked by the beauty of the moving picture in front of me, but failed find a single suitable word to describe it to my students. I showed them your article, and the students love it very much. It's good description and comment on Impression Liu Sanjie.
-----Veronica Lee May 10, 2007

Thank you for your comment, Veronica. My words are not close enough to describe the beauty of the Impression Liu Sanjie. It's totally out of this world. I agree with you that I was wordless and speechless.
-----Helen Wang May 12, 2007

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