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Yuzi Paradise

Yuzi Paradise is in the Yanshan area between Guilin and Yangshuo. The park consists mainly of large-scale landscape art and sculpture. There are displays from around the world, more than 200 artists from 47 different countries have contributed their works to the park.

Yuzi Paradise is founded by Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Rhy-Chang Tsao in 1996, whose grand vision for the park have only just begun to be realized. Stone carvings, metal sculptures, pottery, bronze work, prints, glass and wood carvings can be seen scattered about the park's beautifully maintained grounds. There are also seven major studios with artists at work drawing inspiration from surrounding karst formations and the unique scenery of Guilin.

Yuzi Paradise, Guilin Tours

Yuzi ParadiseYuzi Paradise, Guilin Tours

There's plenty to eat in the park (buffets, barbecue, cafes), so spending the whole day exploring is not hard to do. And, if the allure of the outdoors is too strong, you can hire a tent and spend the night. There are also rooms available from RMB 100 to 1000 a night.

In October 2002, Guilin Yuzi Paradise launched the first International Sculpture Awards, in which 'Art Collection' Magazine and 'Sculpture' Magazine are the co-organizers. These awards are expected to help the emerging artists, to popularize excellent works of established artists and to promote art and culture exchange on a global scale. By exhibiting the outstanding works we also hope to rich people's cultural life, infuse art and culture elements into the society, and thus fulfill the in-depth significance of cultural construction.

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