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Bamboo Rafting In Yangshuo

In Yangshuo Town, taking a bamboo raft ride is an excellent, relaxing way to take in the amazing views of the Yulong River and Li River and watch the countryside just drift on by. The starting points are at different locations along the rivers and the rides range from half an hour to 5 hours. The water rides are very slow as a man steers you gently down the course of the rivers and across a few weirs. Both rivers have their advantages; if you're after a little tranquility and a lazy afternoon then we recommend the Yu Long River as the bamboo rafts are pushed along. For dramatic scenery with huge karst peaks soaring hundreds of meters up from the river take a motorized bamboo raft along the Li River. Generally the rafts have enough room for bikes so you can always combine it with a biking tour.

Rafting Lines of the Yulong River

As the Yulong River is as beautiful as the Li River it has the nickname "the Lesser Li River". It is 43.5km in total length, the width measurement is 38-61m, and its water is only 0.5-2m in depth. These years, three classic rafting lines have been developed by China Fact Tours and the rafting enthusiasts from different countries.

① Xanadu (Shiwaitaoyuan) - Fenghuang Qiao (Fenghuang Bridge) - Fuli Qiao (Fuli Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge). This line includes the essential scenery of the river, is suitable for photographers and those who are crazy about "returning to nature"

② Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge)- Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) - Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)- Chaoyang Pier-Gongnong Qiao (Gongnong Bridge). It takes 5-6hrs to finish the entire journey (16km) in the low water period while the high water period needs 3-4hrs. Along this line, the drifters can make shore excursion to explore the beautiful historic towns, ancient villages and the charming countryside.

③Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) - Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge) - Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) - Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)-Xiatang Zhai (Tourist Bus Station)
Some Ways to the Starting Points of the Drifting Lines

① Drifters can spend RMB 5yuan to take the bus from Yangsuo (at Yangshuo Bus Station) to Jinbao (take off at Jinlong Qiao), where they can make a drift to Gongnong Qiao or Xiatang Zhai.

② Take the bus from Guilin to Yangsuo and get off at Baisha Town (RMB 10yuan) and then transfer to Jinlong Qiao by local minibus or SP-bus (2yuan).

③Take the bus from Guilin to Yangsuo and get off at Xanadu (RMB 10yuan); Take the bus from Yangshuo to Guilin and get off at Xanadu (3yuan). Drifting from Xanadu, the drifters have to pay the extra admission tickets of the Xanadu (50yuan).

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