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Xingping ancient town, Guilin ToursXingping Old Town is located 25 km east of Yangshuo. Embraced by the limped Li River and the karst hills, the town is regarded as the most beautiful town in Guilin. Xingping has picturesque landscape but not known by the western countries until Bill Clinton visited its ancient Fishing Village on July, 1998.

The history of Xingping can be dated back to at least 265 A.D. It was once the county seat of the Xiping County of the Wu State during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280A.D),the town hence the name ("Xiping" and "Xingping" are pronounced similarly) and keeps many ancient bridges, old lanes, streets, old-style houses, ferries, pavilions, temples, caves, old-world villages and old trees. Xingping has many famous scenic spots, some of the following you should not miss:

Opposite the Xingpng Pier and by the Dahebei Village, take out the 20 note of RMB when enjoy the beautiful landscape you will have a delightful surprise.
Xingping ancient town, Guilin ToursNine Horses Mural Hill
There are nine horses' images on the hill. It is said that only those who are imaginative can recognize all the horses. To reach there, tourists can have a Li River cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, or take a boat/bamboo raft from Xingping to Yangdi. Hiking there will take 1-1.5 hrs from Xingping and about 2 hrs from Yangdi.

Fishing Village
Located by the Li River and 2km from the town ship, it is famous for Bill Clinton and his family's visit. To get there, you have to take a ship from the ferry in the township. The village still keeps many old-style buildings.

Xingping ancient town, Guilin ToursHeaven Water Stockaded Village
Near the Fishing Village and famed for its old buildings. There are two ancient wells in the village. Their waters are so limpid that they are considered from the haven, hence the village named.

Lotus Cave
A weird karst cavern, just 6km from the Xingping Township. It is filled with strange stalactites and famed for its big unparalleled 108 plates of limestone lotus flowers.

Snail Hill
A beautiful snail-like hill by the Li River and just about 2km from Xingping Township.

Tengjiao Temple
A Ming-Dynasty-built temple under the Snail Hill, it seats in the mouth of a giant cave, tourists can visit the cave if the nuns permit. The cave is much bigger than the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin. You can hike there from the Xingping Township. On the way you can see many fruitful orchards and beautiful karst countryside sceneries.

Xingping ancient town, Guilin ToursDayuan Wood Farm
Home to the Yao Minorities of Xingpin and the heaven of White Water Raft Rider, it is about 5km away from Xingping Township.

The Big Cave in Luotian Village: A fantastic cavern just 5km from Xingping Township

Xitang Heaven Lakes: Three beautiful lakes which are 21km away from Xingping Township

Xingping Old Street: In the township of Xingping

Yellow Cloth Shoal: 1km from Xingping Township

China-Japan Friendship Pavilion in Laozhai Hill: By Xingping Township

Song Ping Dragon Mountain:25 km from Xingping

Lingbao Pavilion

Xingping ancient town, Guilin ToursXingping Travel Tips

1. In Yangshuo, a host of cafes and local travel agents also organize boat trips to Xingping. About three hours upstream from Yangshuo, the mountain scenery around Xingping is breathtaking, and there are many caves. People living in some of the caves make gunpowder for a living. Many travelers take their bicycles out to Xinping by boat and cycle back - it's a picturesque ride of about three hours, and the whole package costs RMB several hundred depending on how many of you there are. Any number of cafes can organize boat tickets for you. If you're keen on a river trip, the best thing to do, as always, is ask around. There are literally dozens of touts and guides chatting you up on the streets of Yangshuo, so hit them up for advice on the good/bad/boring stretches of the river.

2. It's possible to spend the night in Xingping. One small hotel sits on a point that just out into the river called "Laodifang (This Old Place Int'l Youth Hostel)", the rooms are RMB 90-180 (for guests) or RMB 80-170 (for YHIF members). Also you can ferry to a village opposite the Xingping Town Pier and lodge in the countryside inns or hotels. Greenland Inn and the Landscape Nirvana Hotel are top recommended, both the two have good facilities. You can enjoy the delicious local dishes cooked by the farmers or have a special barbecue at night. 
3. In Xingping, a couple of doll's house restaurants with bilingual menus keep everyone fed (take care that they don't overcharge).

 4. There is a classical hiking way from Xingping to Yangdi. Many hikers take bus to Xingping and hike to Yangdi. Or take bus from Guilin to Yangdi and hike to Xingping and then take bus to Yangshuo. 

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