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Swimming in Yangshuo

Travel to Yangshuo in summer season, if it is too hot, then a swim could be in order and there are some beautiful spots to do this. Swimming in the limpid, calm waters, protected from the flow of the river, and surrounded by a forest of peaks is truly one version of paradise!

Swimming Spots in Yangshuo
In Yangshuo, the local people swim from the docks on the Li River (Lijiang River) a short way upstream of the town center. The river water quality is excellent you can enjoy yourself with some desirability. The Yulong River is also good for swimming, offering some quality swimming spots, although some parts of the river are crowded with bamboo rafts. If you don't want to trek out into the countryside, there are also spots closer to Yangshuo - just walk north along the river, past the market and you'll see a path leading down to the water. On most days, the water here is crystal clear, but the current can be strong so follow the locals' example - if they are swimming, it should be OK, but take care.

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