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Residence of Prince Jingjiang

Residence of Prince Jingjiang, Guilin ToursResidence of Prince Jingjiang (aka Jingjiang Prince Mansion) is commonly known as Wang Cheng (Prince City), located in the inner city of Guilin, built from 1372 to 1392AD in the Ming Dynasty, close to the Solitary Beauty Peak (Duxiu Feng). It was originally the official residence of Zhu Shouqian - the great-nephew of Zhu Yuanzhang (the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty). Now it becomes one of the famous historical attractions in Guilin.

The main buildings of the Prince City include Chengyuan Gate in the front, Chengyun Hall in the middle with the living hall at its back and the royal garden at the end. There are 4 halls, 4 pavilions and another 40 structures surrounding the main buildings. It covers a total area of 19.87 hectares. During the 257 years from the building of the mansion to the end of Ming Dynasty, 14 kings from 12 generations lived here.

Sun Yat-sen stayed there while on the Northward Expedition in 1921. In the winter of 1925, it was established as Yat-sen Park and now is one of the schoolyards of Guangxi Normal University. The carved balustrades and marble steps of the mansion still remain to today.

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