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Daxu Old Town in Guilin

Daxu Old Town, Guilin ToursDaxu Old Town offer a charming pastoral landscape of paddy fields, folk houses, isle and mountains by Li River.

Daxu means big town in Chinese, known for one of the four ancient big towns of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. This attraction is located on the north bank of the Li River, about 23 kilometers by river and 17 kilometers by road from Guilin City. Built in 200 AD, this town still keeps the ancient folk houses of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1616-1911) dynasties, assembly halls of some provinces, pier, signal fire walls, old stone bridges, long bluestone-paved streets, mosque, ancient recreation facilities, and time-honored temples...

Daxu Old Town, Guilin ToursDaxu town is also known for the other name - Changan (the ancient name of Xi'an) in ancient times. It was a prosperous business centre and water terminal in the Southern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD). Now, some ancient traditional shops are still open in this town, such as noodle-making shops, wine shops, bamboo basketwork shop, blacksmith's shop, Chinese drug store, jewelry shops, traditional Chinese painting shops, antique shops, rice tofu (rice bean curd) shop etc, they can be found some information of the old business in ancient Guilin.

Daxu ancient town shows a charming pastoral scene of mountains, isle in the Li Liver, water and paddy field. Rambling around in the town you may find ducks swimming in the streams or Li River, buffalos drinking from the streams, farmers planting on the fields...

  Daxu Old Town, Guilin Tours 1. If you are crazy about rurality of southern China, we advise you choose Daxu town as an optional tour while you plan to trip to Guilin.

   2. You can take some beautiful pictures freely and easily on the isle or along the pier or the river. The town is only 10 meters away from the Li River.

   3. There are bicycles for rent in Daxu town, you can rent one and ride out the town to experience the local farmers' life.

   4. If you are a fruit enthusiast, please visit this town from April to December, during this time you can pick fresh pomelos, oranges, orient melons and strawberries. Daxu is known for home of strawberry of Guangxi.

   5. Antiques and tourist souvenirs are relatively cheap in this town. In addition, you can buy the admirable Chinese calligraphy and traditional Chinese paintings at a very lower price. The calligraphers writing and painters usually drawing in their shops, you can learn from them if you are interested in Chinese arts.

   6. If you want to visit the local people's ancient houses, you'd better pay RMB one Yuan (US 0.14 dollar) to the owners. It is worth appreciating the windows, doors, and the furniture of the house because they are with many beautiful wood carvings; the local people place their ancient utensils in the houses, you can find some interesting things from them.

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