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Yangshuo Biking

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin ToursYangshuo boasts some of the most sublime landscapes imaginable in our planet, cycling is drawing an ever increasing number of people to Yangshuo to enjoy what this area has to offer. Hire a bike in Yangshuo and get lost in its beautiful countryside will be an unforgettable part of your China tour. If you haven't heard of Yangshuo yet, design your personal Yangshuo tour with bike riding with us you soon will!

Routes of Yangshuo Bike Riding

With countless trails and paths leading through the most beautiful Yangshuo karst scenery, mountain biking is an excellent way to get deep into the countryside and see a lot in a short space of time. China Fact Tour designs some one-day classical routes which are most-taken by our customers. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or casual rider we can provide you an unforgettable cycling experience to meet your interests and abilities.

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin Tours1. Yangshuo to Moon Hill

Rent bikes and head towards the main road and cross the Gongnong Bridge. Visit the Big Banyan Tree on the left side before proceeding to Moon Hill. Leave your bikes at the foot of the Moon Hill and climb to the top.

Another option is to head towards the main road from your hotel. This path will lead you down to a large weir where you can cross the river. From here a small path but will take you through Fen Lou Village to the Jin Bao River. Cross the river and take the concrete road turning right when it meets the main road and bike 5 min to Moon Hill. This takes again about 40 minutes and is a very scenic taking you through two villages.

Extending your day trip:
Opposite of Moon Hill is the entrance gate to Moon Hill Village where you can relax and have lunch in a traditional farmer's restaurant. Here you can also visit the Water Cave a large, complex set of caves with spectacular underground scenery (allow 1.5 hours for half tour and 3 hours for full tour).

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin Tours2. Yangshuo to Yulong Bridge

Follow the Yu Long River until Chao Lang village. From there make your way through small villages, bumpy roads and fields leading you to the 400 year old Yulong Bridge. Although the bridge is not particularly spectacular the scenery is magnificent and there are plenty of spots to go swimming on the way. About half way to the bridge you can stop at the catch-your-own fish farm have a break and enjoy your catch of the day whilst admiring the beautiful scenery.

From the Yulong Bridge there are many ways back so we have listed four:

The first option takes you from the bridge to a little town nearby called Baisha. From there it is about 10 km back to Yangshuo town.

The second option is to cross the Yulong Bridge and take the dirt track heading down the river to Tongmen Hill where you can cross the river on a weir back to your hotel. This option has fantastic scenery but might take longer as the paths narrow towards the end and you may have to push the bike.

The third longer alternative takes you up river to the next much larger bridge. Cross the bridge over the river and head towards Jin Bao Town then on to Gao Tian which is south of Moon Hill. It's about 17 km from the Yulong Bridge to Gao Tian.

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin Tours3. Yangshuo to Liugong Village

From Yangshuo Town head to the main road crossing the Gongnong Bridge and taking the second left. Head on this path to the main road at Aishan and follow this south in the direction of Yongcun. The road to Liugong is half way between Aishan and Yongcun. Follow this road to the end where you will enter a sleepy riverside village--Liugong. Here you can have lunch and walk around the ancient cobbled streets of this 800 year old village.

Near the village are also the famous three-color ponds. The level of water in the ponds always remains equal throughout the year regardless of the water level of the Li River. As the name suggests the ponds have three different colors giving rise to many a local folk story about their supernatural existence.

4. Yangshuo to Puyi

The gentler of our day rides, this tour on flat, mostly unsealed roads will take you along the famous Li River through local villages and rural farmland. With many interesting places to stop along the way to wander through Ming dynasty era villages and see locals in their everyday life, this is a great tour if you like to get out and see the countryside without punishing your legs too much! Lunch is included in a local village and your local guide will be there to provide an insight into Chinese rural farming life. Many of our guides have backgrounds as farmers so are intimately connected to the region they are leading you through.

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin Tours5. Yangshuo to Xingping

This great day tour takes in the back roads between Yangshuo and the village of Xingping. 70% off-road 30% sealed road over 72 kilometers. Away from all the tourists this tour is a great option for those that like to get away from the crowds. The cycling is strenuous hilly off-road with some great climbs and down hills through rural villages and farmland, tea plantations, past a waterfall and along the Li River to Xingping before hitting sealed road flat road for the remaining 27kms back to Yangshuo. There is an option to shorten the ride to 45 kilometers by taking a bus from Xingping back to Yangshuo. There's time to spend wandering in the old streets of Xingping and climb to the pagoda overlooking the picturesque scenery around the village and the Li River. A local guide will be with you for the day to share their knowledge and show you all the points of interest along the way.

Yangshuo Bike Riding, Guilin Tours6. Yangshuo to Baisha/Yulong River/Jiuxian/Xinlong Village/Chaoyang/Yima/Gongnong Bridge

Rent a bike at 8:00-9:00 am, ride 1 hour head to Baisha Town by the main road. Keep riding 15 minutes you will arrive in Yulong River, where the Yulong Bridge stretching over it. The bridge is an old single arch stone bridge for the hundred years' history.

Keep 3 hours riding to Jiuxian. As its name implies it is an old village with 1400 years old history, you will find General' s Mansion and Li' s family Ancestral Hall in it . After the break, keep riding to Chaoyang Village. Along the way you will appreciate the beautiful natural scenery: rice paddies, green mountains and buffalos. After that, riding along the Yulong River and having a nice view of smooth flowing water and phoenix tail bamboo. Go cross the Gongnong Bridge, and then ride about 40 minutes back to West Street.

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