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Fubo Hill

Close to the Solitary Beauty Peak and standing beside the west bank of the Li River in Guilin, Fubo Hill offers a better view of the surrounding countryside. Beside the steps leading to the top of the hill is an enormous cooking pot (Thousand People Pot) as well as a cast-iron hell weighting 2.5 tons. On the southern slope of the hill is Huanzhu Dong (Returned Pearl Cave) which takes its name from a local legend.

The story goes that the cave was illuminated by a single pearl and inhabited by a dragon; one day a fisherman stole the pearl but returned it when he found himself with shame. Near this cave is Qianfo Dong (Thousand Buddha Cave) where there are over 3,000 statues dating back to the Tang and Song Dynasties. Fobo Hill is a good attraction for your Guilin tour.

Fubo Hill, Guilin ToursFubo Hill, Guilin ToursFubo Hill, Guilin Tours

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