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Caving in Yangshuo

In Yangshuo, China, there are a number of caves riddling the limestone hills. They have attracted many caving enthusiasts to explore these years.

Caving in YangshuoFor an unforgettable adventure you can try one of Yangshuo's two water caves - Buddha Water Cave and Longmen Water Cave, both are deep - it takes two hours of walking to reach the ends of the caves - but they are for beginners and tourists: you need to get on your hands and knees only a few times throughout.

The two caves near the Moon Hill (about 8km from Yangshuo Town) and offer an intimate (maybe claustrophobic) look inside a karst tower and are much more a voyage of discovery than the others. Inside you'll find underground rivers, clear springs and mud pools to wallow in, along with the usual passageways and stalagmites.

Trips around the caves are guided and include a torch and protective helmet and you should wear clothes you don't mind ruining and pack a bathing suit and a sense of adventure. The caves are best visited in summer when there's more water around and it's warm enough to swim and cake yourself in mud.

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