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The Mud Bath in Yangshuo

There are many water caves in Yangshuo due to its unique karst topography. Buddha Water Cave is one of the most exciting natural caves to explore. The cave is about 6km long and runs through 8 mountains.

You have to enter the cave by boat and then hike the pathways. Upon entering the cave, you will see a big cascade (15m in height), different shapes of stalactites and stalagmites. Besides these, you will come across the ever anticipating mud pool which many tourists look forward to swimming in, where you can try out the mud slide and slide into the mud bath. It is said that taking a mud bath in the pool leaves you refreshed and clean making it some form of spiritual and cleansing therapy. The American tourists once called the mud bath in Yangshuo "the Baptism of Nature", and the British called it "Embraced by the Oriental".

Mud Bath in Yangshuo, Guilin Tours

Getting There:
By the Moon Hill, the cave is only 8km away from Yangshuo Town. Rent a bike in the town and ride there with a guide is good. Also you can take the minibus from Yangshuo to the Li Village (Moon Hill Village) where the cave is located.

• All visitors to the Buddha Water Cave must wear safety helmets and take waterproof flashlights (provide free)
• Take your own swimming suit.

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