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Longsheng Hot Springs

The National Forest Park in Longsheng is a fairyland. It is known as "the heaven of peace and happiness" and "the paradise on earth" for the hot springs - the 'soul' of the park.

Longsheng hot springs is welling out from cracks in the rocks halfway up the mountain. In fact, the water comes from the 1,200-meter underground. As you known, hot spring water can not drink because of taste of sulfur. But differently, the Longsheng Hot Spring water is colorless, tasteless, pure and clear. The water temperature is naturally kept about 45-60 degrees centigrade throughout the year.

Longsheng Hot Springs, Guilin Tours

Longsheng Hot Springs, Guilin ToursLongsheng Hot Springs, Guilin Tours

More importantly, it consists of many trace elements such as lithium, strontium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and others. Whatever it is used for drinking or bathing, the hot spring water has curative effects on nerves, skin diseases, rheumatism, arthritis and more. The Longsheng hot springs are the most famous of their kind in south China.

The Longsheng hot springs are warm in winter and cool in summer because they are situated in a deep tranquil valley, surrounded by mountains of dense vegetation. Such a pleasant hot spring is owed to the fairyland - National Forest Park. Covering an area of 260 hectares (about 642 acres), the park boasts a dense primeval forest, various rare animals and plants, as well as its famous hot springs. The weather here is very pleasant with an average year round temperature of 17℃(about 63℉) providing a nice escape from the summer heat.

Longsheng Hot Springs, Guilin ToursLongsheng Hot Springs, Guilin ToursLongsheng Hot Springs, Guilin Tours

There are many famous mountains in the Longsheng Forest Park such as Five Swords, Monkey and Chessboard mountains, etc. On these mountains, several varieties of green trees form a large forest that is home to some unique mammals including black bears, macaques, civets, and giant salamanders. Additionally, there are over 1,500 kinds of rare plants, such as ginkgos, yews, and Chinese tulip trees.

The park is an ideal resort for tourism, recuperation, health, relaxation and vacation. It has extensive facilities for travelers. There are resort houses, bath centers, hotels, restaurants, malls, banks and entertainment venues. Visitors have the best of both worlds here-the park's natural beauty combined with a plethora of modern conveniences.

Questions & Comments

  • Ripple on May 18, 2010, 4:05 pm

    Hi Laura, last month we customized this itinerary for our Luxembourg customers. Hope it also suits you. If you would like to book this tour or have any questions please feel free to contact us via contact@chinafacttours.com or booking@chinafacttours.com. Day 1 Arrive in Guilin; Day 2 Guilin/Yangshuo-Morning take a Li River cruise to Yangshuo. Afternoon visit the west street. evening watch the Impression Sister Liusanjie Show or cormorants catching fish; Day 3 Yangshuo- Morning rent bikes visit the karst countryside, then bamboo rafting down the Yu Long River. Afternoon, cooking course in the cooking school;Day 4 Yangshuo/Guilin/Longsheng-Drive back to Guilin to visit the Reed Flute Cave. After lunch, visit the Folded Brocade Hill and the Elephant Trunk Hill and then transfer to Longsheng (89km). Check into the Longsheng Hot Spring Hotel, then enjoy hot springs bath; Day 5 Guilin/Longsheng-Transfer to Ping'an Village to see the awesome beautiful Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces (aka Longji Trerraces). Stay overnight at the village;Day 6 Guilin/ Departure- A full-day exploration of the Ping'an Zhuang Village, the Huangluo Yao Village and the Dazhai Village; Day 7 Longsheng/Sanjiang-Drive to Sanjiang to visit the Wind & Rain Bridge (in Chengyang Village) and the Mapang Drum Tower, taste the extraordinary food and Watch Duoya dance and Reed-pipe dance performed by Dong people; Day 8 Sanjiang/Guilin-Drive back to Guilin to visit the Elephant Trunk Hill. Depart guilin by the afternoon or night flight.

  • Laura Hillstrom on May 17, 2010, 5:42 pm

    Hi there, We would like to take a Li River cruise, stop at the Lengsheng Hot springs for a night and also see the Dong ethnic villages in Chengyang. Can you tell us the best itinerary and/or how we can do this? We want to go in the middle of June. Thank you - xie, xie Laura Hillstrom

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