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Tangyue Village

Tangyue is one of the historical and cultural villages in China. It is only 6.5 kilometers away from Shexian County, Anhui Province. The village is famous for its old temples, halls and the ancient archway (Pailou)groups.

The Temple of the Bao's deceased mother, also known as "Qingzi Temple", commonly called "Female Temple", the branch temple of Bao's, commonly called "Male Temple". Both have been repaired as ancient as it will be, with perfect craftsmanship, it is broad. It also takes use of man-made scenery and status in ancient style, as well as modern methods such as sound, light and electricity, in order to reproduce its original appearance. With images true to life, they are the evidences to research patriarchal systems and merchant's history in Huizhou.

Tangyue Village, Huangshan Tours

Tangyue Village, Huangshan ToursTangyue Village, Huangshan Tours

Dunben Hall, usually called Nanci (the ancestral temple for men) was originally built in the Ming dynasty. The complex has five rooms covering 750 square meters. Restored in 1962, it remains the original feature. The interior hall houses important historical records of the flourish of "Hui Shang" (businessman from Huizhou, today's Anhui province).

Qingyi Hall, usually called Nuci, the hall rarely serves as the ancestral temple for women. Built in the Qing, it was the first ancestral temple for women. It is of high value on the research of the feudal ethical codes and patriarchal norms.

The other highlight in Tangyue Village is the archway group. 7 memorial archways (Chinese Pailou) winding their ways into a group, simple and elegant. 3 were built in Ming dynasty, the other were built in Qing. All of them are in order of loyalty, filial piety, moral integrity and justice. In several years ago, the site of the archways was once the shooting location of TV plays such as "Dream of the Red Mansions" and "Smoke Blocked Double-eaved Roof", it has become a world-famous tourist site.

Tangyue Village, Huangshan ToursTangyue Village, Huangshan ToursTangyue Village, Huangshan Tours

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