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Guanlu Village

Located in the southwest of Yixian County of Hungshan City, Guanlu Village is another tourist attraction known for its characteristically jointed ancient houses.

As early as the Song dynasty, the Wang’s families moved here. Since then, they have been living here generation after generation for nearly one thousand years. In the middle of the Qing dynasty (1616 – 1912), the Wang’s families made a big fortune and built a lot of houses for the clan people, thus the whole village took a complete new look after the grand construction and magnificent decoration. These houses were beautifully built with the upturned eaves, carved beams and painted rafters. Among all the houses, “the Eight Big Houses” owned by the eight brothers of Wang Family represent the best artistic value. They are the center of the village. Wang Shu was a famous calligrapher and painter in Qing dynasty. His former residence” Wu Ting Shan Fang” tops the group. Seemingly, the eight ancient houses were independent, but in reality, they were connected with each other. It was symbolic of the clan power and the unity of brothers. There is an old spring well near Guanlu Village. The spring water is clear all the year round. It is cool in summer and warm in winter. The villagers have been drinking the water over the years and they enjoy long lives.

Paying a visit to the Guanlu Village, tourists can have lots of fun with the locals. Such as drink the old spring water, watch local folk performances, taste the authentic Anhui style cuisines and listen to the folk songs.

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