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Meng'er Tea

Meng'er Tea is planted in the deep Snow Mountain(with an elevation of 1,800m) in Xinhua county of Hunan province. The Snow Mountain is featured by high altitude, murmuring spring, could and mist suffusion. This environment offers advantageous growing conditions for Meng'er Tea. The moisture climate there contribute to the top quility of the tea. Meng'er Tea is favored by domestic and international markets.

The history of the tea can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. When Wencheng Princess was married into Tibet, She took it as a dowry.

Meng'er Tea is featured by strongness, even size, golden inner side with white hair covering outside. The appearance of it looks like a silver needle. When brewed, it produces yellowish clear liquor with refreshing aroma. Although the tea leaves have been stored for a long time, the brewed tea also remains its original flavor.

Meng'er Tea leaves are picked 7-10 days around QingMing Festival (usually early April in the Chinese lunar calendar). Hand-plucking is carried out under very strict criteria.

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