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Bamboo Green Tea

Zhu Ye Qing (or Bamboo green) tea is among the most prestige Chinese green teas. It is produced in Emei Mountain area of the Sichuan Province, south-west of China. The plantations are over 3000 meters above the sea level and covered by thick fog/mist for most of the year. The harvest of Zhu Ye Qing starts from 3-5 days before Qing-Ming Festival. It uses only the top three leaves: one bud and 1-2 leaves below.
The dry tea leaves have a smooth appearance, freshly green in color and tight in shape. The leaves are sharp on both ends similar to the shape of a bamboo leaf. The brewed Zhu Ye Qing is bright and yellowish-green in color. Its flavor is elegant, long lasting and refreshing with a trace of chestnut flavor.

Zhu Ye Qing won the first prize in the 6th "China Tea Cup" and High-Quality Tea Appraisal by China Tea Science Society in Jul 2005. The production of this tea is limited. This tea is not to be missed by tea lover.

Zhu Ye Qing tea has a good function to your health. It has enjoyed the good reputation of Weight-loss tea, Slimming tea and Health tea.

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