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Shopping in Suzhou

Shopping in SuzhouSuzhou is an ancient city with a history of over 2,500 years. The beautiful scene of Taihu Lake, deep-blue tiles against white walls, old towns surrounded by flowing water and well-distributed Suzhou gardens contribute to its prosperity and charm. In ancient times, Suzhou, with abundant products and flourishing trade, was a developed area in the South. The ancient painting of "Gusu Prosperity" describes exactly the prosperous Suzhou in Qianlong Reign (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1911). Today shops stand in great numbers with various goods. Traveling in this waterside ancient city gives you much happiness.

Main Shopping Areas

-Souvenirs and Handicrafts Center
It has a concentration of over 2,000 kinds of goods featuring local flavor, for example, drawn-works, mandarin coats, pure silk underwear, woolen sweaters, mahogany furniture, carvings, lacquer-war screens and Su fans, four treasures of the study, famous calligraphy and paintings, ceramic boccaro wares, national musical instruments, carpet and tapestry, etc. which can be processed according to customers' requirements.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 1, 102, 103.

-Leiyunsheng Chinese Drugstore/Songfentang
It is a traditional Chinese medicine drugstore with a history of more than 300 years, mainly dealing in pill of six ingredients with rehmannia, Liuling detoxication pill, Dahuoluo Dan and Renshengzaizao Wan, etc.
Transport: Take Bus No. 10.

Shopping in SuzhouFamous Streets

-Guwuxuan Press
Guwuxuan Press was founded in 1988. The "Taohuawu Woooden-plate New Year Picture" published in the press is unique and enjoys great reputation at home and abroad.
Address: No. 458 Shizi Street

-Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute Shopping Center
With a long history, Suzhou embroider is famous at home and abroad for its exquisite skill and elegance. The institute is a body combining scientific research, production and sales of Suzhou embroidery and Kesi craftwork have won golden medals on international fairs for several times.
Address: No.272 Jingde Road

-Guanqian Street
Named after Xuanmiao Temple (pronounced as Guan in Chinese), Guanqian Street is thriving in business with a gathering of 100-year-old world-renowned stores like Caizhi Store, Qiantaixing Store, Huangtianyuan Store and Songhelou Building, etc. There you may find some specialities and experience the leisure life of Suzhou locals.
Address: Downtown of Ancient Suzhou City

-Nanmen Business Area
There are nearly ten large-scale comprehensive stores like Taihua mansion, Nanmen Department Store, Dalefu supermarket as well as nearly one hundred professional mansions and stores. In addition, there are aquatic products market, vegetables and fruit wholesale market, etc. If you want to find some serenity, go to Foreign Language Bookstore and Blue Bookstore.
Address: South to Ancient Suzhou City

Shopping in Suzhou-Shilu Business Area
Different from Guanqian Street, Shilu is a typical modern commercial circle with such large-scale shopping centers as International Mansion and Asia Department Store as well as delicacies and drinks. The Huaiyang River crosses the granite-laid street, with a red wooden bridge perching on the surface of the river and the constant fountain music on North Shilu Square. All these are typical and unique for the shopping environment. You will certainly have a worthwhile trip if you come here.

-Shiquan Street
The 2,004-meter-long Shiquan Street is of exquisite fashion. An array of stores with white walls and deep-blue tiles stand here. The Suxiang Hall specializes in Suzhou embroidery, the Jinsha Pavillion and the Bogu Hall specialize in ceramic and antique, and the Ruiguang Hall in calligraphy and paintings. In addition, there are nice casual clothes imported from Japan, Korea, America and Europe with moderate level of prices, which appeal a lot to the youth.

Recommended Commodities
Tourist souvenirs in Suzhou are abundant in quantities with local features. There are Suzhou silk embroidery, mahogany articles, sandalwood fans, spun silk fans, Suzhou musical instruments, Suzhou's Biluochun Tea, Suzhou Brocade, mandarin fans, silk products, Gold and Silver Wares, jade carvings and Taohuawu woodcarving New Year pictures and so on. In Guanqian Street, you will also find Su-style candy in Caizhi Hall and Yeshouhe and Su-style cakes in Huangtian yuan.

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