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Shopping in Guiyang

Situated in southwestern China, Guizhou is a beautiful natural park which has plenty of mountains and basins, presenting itself a relief map of fantastic peak and plateaus. Superb collection of handicrafts with unique ethnic style is of great reputation at home and abroad, for example, batik products, Dafang lacquer ware, masks of Nuoxi Opera, Maotai liquar and Maojiang (a kind of green tea). The main shopping streets of Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province, are Zhonghua Road and Yan'an Road.

Guiyang Famous Tourism Streets

Shixi Commercial Street
Shixi Commercial Street is the biggest small general merchandise wholesale market and collecting and distributing center in Guizhou Province, where commodities of different grades are available. It is supposed to be the most populous district in Guiyang, especially at two-day weekends, in which there is a sea of people.

Yangming Road Flowers, Birds and Curio Market
In the market you can find flowers, birds, fish, rabbits, tortoises, bamboo crafts, fishing gears, root carvings, pottery, porcelain, ancient coins, exotic stones, antiques, calligraphy, paintings, traditional Chinese medicine, second-hand books, wooden windows and doors of ancient buildings, as well as embroidery, batik products, masks of Nuoxi Opera of Miao nationality with Guizhou characteristics, even pet dogs and cats. Address: Wandong Bridge, Yangming Lu, Guiyang City

Some Famous Stores in Guiyang

Qianyibao Tourism Shopping Store
Chinese name: 黔艺宝
Chinese Pinyin: Qian Yi Bao
Tel: (0851) 6873382
Address: No. 159 Beijing Road, Guiyang City.
Description: Qianyibao Tourism Shopping Store specializes in well-known special local products of Guizhou and tourism handicrafts, of which a fine collection can be found here.

Qiancuihang Store
Chinese name: 黔粹行
Chinese Pinyin: Qian Cui Hang
Tel: (0851)6839249
Address: No 177-181, Beijing Lu, Guiyang
Description: Qiancuihang Store is the best place to buy featured local products and crafts.  Goods for sale here are always of good quality but of course, are rather more expensive.

The Friendship Mansion

Chinese name: 友谊大厦
Chinese Pinyin: You Yi Da Sha
Tel: (0851) 6824668: 6823066
Address: No 1, Zhonghua Bei Lu, Guiyang
Description: The Friendship Mansion deals in wine, tobaccos, food, knitting textiles, clothes,headwear, footwear, household appliances, jewelry, handicraft articles, cultural goods and furniture etc.

Friendship Building
Chinese name:友谊大楼
Chinese Pinyin: You Yi Da Lou
Tel: (0851)5824570
Address: No. 23 West Yan'an Road
Description: Apart from selling all kinds of goods, the friendship building has many facilities such as dance halls, cafés and bars etc.

Guiyang Department Store
Chinese name: 贵阳百货大楼
Chinese Pinyin: Gui Yang Bai Huo Da Lou
Tel: (0851) 5822047; 5822262
Address: No. 2 Middle Zhonghua Road 
Description: The store is the biggest of its kind in Guizhou Province. It deals in articles of daily use, clothes, headwear, footwear, wine, tobaccos, food, knitting textiles, household appliances, jewelry, handicraft articles, cultural goods etc. Its new building has 30 floors and is combined with repast, leisure, entertainment, business and lodging.

Guiyang Antique Store
Chinese name: 贵阳市文物商店
Chinese Pinyin: Gui Yang Shi Wen Wu Shang Dian
Tel: (0851) 5284109
Address: No. 9Guongyuan Road 
Description: It mainly carries on ancient porcelain, painted pottery, jewelry, jade, emeralds, calligraphy, traditional Chinese paintings, ethnic embroidery, the four treasures of the study (i.e. writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, paper), lithographic stones, seals and all kinds of carvings etc.

Time Square
Chinese name: 时代广场
Chinese Pinyin: Shi Dai Guang Chang
Add: No. 14 Middle Zhonghua Road
Description: Constructed in 2009, it is a multi-functional shopping mall offering shopping, catering, and recreation.

Wal-Mart (People's Square Branch)
Chinese name: 沃尔玛
Chinese Pinyin: Wo Er Ma
Tel: (0851) 5822047; 5822262
Add: No. 2, Middle Zhonghua Road, Guiyang
Description: There are several branches of Wal-Mart in Guiyang City.

Golden Phoenix Tower
Chinese name: 金凤凰大厦
Chinese Pinyin: Jin Feng Huang Da Sha
Tel: (0851) 5866318
Address: No. 98 Middle Zhonghua Road 
Description: This building is a combination of shopping, entertainment, science, antique, food and drink etc.

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