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Shopping in Hainan

At the southernmost tip of China’s territory, Haiman Province faces Guangdong Province across the Qiongzhou Strait. Once a desolate and uninhabited place though, Hainan has become a tourist hot spot nowadays. When you are in Haikou, enjoying the comfortable life and pleasant weather in this coastal city, or when you indulge yourself in the tropical scenery of Sanya with vblue sky, white cloud, blue sea and sandy beaches…you can not miss the specialties there. Hainan abounds in tropical fruits, such as coconut, durian, longan and lychee, as well as Zhegu Tea in Wenchang, Akoya pearls in the Dadong Sea, crystal handicrafts in Tunchang and Handicrafts made by the Li and Miao nationalities.
                                                     Shopping in Haikou
The provincial capital Haikou is a modern cosmopolitan coastal city, situated in the north of Hainan Province. Handicrafts and souvenirs with characteristics of Hainan are recommended, though fashionable and inexpensive clothes and daily commodities are also available.

Famous Streets
-Haixiu Avenue
Haixiu Avenue, near Haikou Hotel, is the most bustling shopping avenue in Haikou. There stand not only large department stores, but also exquisitely decorated jewelry and souvenir stores. Akoya pearls, crystal, hawksbill turtles, all these specialties of Hainan are available here. You’d better bargain about the price and keep company someone who knows the business.
Address: Near Haikou Hotel

-Bailong Wholesale Fruit Market
Bailong Wholesale Fruit Market deals in tropical and sub-tropical fruits with vast variety but low prices, such as coconuts and star fruits. Your journey will prove worthwhile only if you come to this market and have a taste of those fruits that not common in daily life.
Address: North Bailing Road

-Dongmen Market
Dongmen Market specializes in seafood and dried marine products, etc. Address: East Xinmin Road

-Deshengsha Road Pedestrian Shopping Street
Deshengsha Road Pedestrian Shopping Street specializes in low and medium-grade clothes and ornaments.
Address: Deshengsha Road

Recommended Commodities
Haikou is famous for its coffee and coconut related food, which serve to be desirable presents for friends and relatives.

                                                  Shopping in Sanya
Major shopping areas in Sanya are close to scenic areas like Dadong Sea and Tianya-haijiao (end of the earth and corner of the sea), and around Jiefang Road within the city, among which are Tiancheng Department Store, Shida Department Store, and Sanlian Plaza. There are mainly several markets of farm produces, including Hongqi Market, Oriental Market, and a market specialized in Hong Kong Commodities, where you can find inexpensive but good quality local specialties and dried marine products.

Recommended Commodities
Pearls and crystal ornaments are recommended for tourists while in Sanya.
Sanya Jingrun Pearl Culture Center
Address; Tiandu Town
Tel: 86898-88710362

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