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Shopping in Lhasa

The Tibet Autonomous Region is one of the five autonomous regions in China. Its capital city Lhasa is a political, economic, and cultural center, a well-known historic city, and is located at the north bank of Lhasa River, tributary of the Yalung Zanbo River. More and more supermarket and department stores appear everywhere in Tibet, making it more convenient for local people to do daily shopping and for visitors to buy souvenirs. Compared with other cities and regions, Tibet boasts more products thanks to the plentiful natural and cultural resources and its unique ethnic culture. Many special products are worth buying, for example, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan joss sticks, Tibetan strolling paintings, Tibetan bags, jewelry, garments and accessories, etc.

Barkhor Street
During your visit to Tibet, Barkhor Street is a place you mustn't miss besides such long dreamed places as Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Drepung Monastery. It is the most famous small commodities market and the pilgrims walk in Lhasa. Visitors can buy genuine Tibetan handicrafts and have a taste of real Tibetan food in Barkhor Street.
Other Shopping Areas in LhasaOther Shopping Areas in Lhasa

Apart from the Barkhor Street, below are some recommended shopping places in Lhasa:

Saikang Plaza
Kangni Garment Co.Ltd.
Nationality Handicraftes Market of Chengguan District
Antique Store of Tiebet Autonomous Region
Shopping Area Rank
Barkhor Thangka Gallery
Duosenge Lu Fontainebleau Gallery
Lagang Clothes Shop
Lhasa Department Store
Manual Thangka Specialty Shop
OZARK Specialty Shop
Potala Thangkas Gallery
Tianjie Outdoors Shop
Xiamao Gabu Antique Shop

Recommended Commodities
Barkhor Street and the nationality stores in its surrounding areas are ideal places to buy excellent crafts of ethnic flavor at reasonable prices. Since the sellers are mostly Tibetans from the pastoral regions, the commodities can be regarded as the primitively simplest ones. Among them are agate jewelries and bronze wares (including ornaments for religious use, ritual implements, jade wares, some silver implements, Buddha statues, and Tibetan table wares). The nationality department stores outside Barkhor Street provide visitors with crystal ornaments, masks of Tibetan style, Tibetan joss sticks, Indian joss sticks, dress and accessories of the Tibetan ethnic group.

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