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Shopping in Hongkong

There is plenty of street-side shopping since Hong Kong is a very integrated city. Chances are, you will be staying in a tourist area where there are shops everywhere. Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay are two popular tourist areas where many hotels are.

In fact in Hong Kong, you don't have to go shopping in order to shop. If you have walked on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui area, you know what I mean. "Copy watch?" you would be asked on the street by people holding a stack of photos of Rolex-look-alikes. If you have a suitcase in tow there, the product offered is tailored to your apparent need. But don't get me wrong, Tsim Sha Tsui is not an area to avoid. Just enjoy the attention and ignore the sales pitch if you don't need the product! In addition to the shops along the streets, there're also many conveniently located shopping centers and malls easily accessible via the nice subway system (MTR).   

What to Buy
Electronics - consumer electronics (e.g. cameras, mp3 players, PSP, DiscMan, MiniDisc players, video cameras, multi-system VCR/TV) - Sai Yeung Choi St. South, Mongkok. I would suggest that you check out the prices at the chain stores first.

Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (there are many stores selling inexpensive slightly flawed or outlet clothing there - look closely before you leap to the cashier!)
Wanchai: there are a few stores on Johnston Road right across from the MTR station that sell what seem to be outlet goods. more...
malls: if you like name brands, malls and shopping centers in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Causeway Bay, and Admiralty districts, plus department stores will be the places to go. And then there's the Citygate Outlets shopping center in Tung Chung.

Computers & supplies 
Golden Shopping Arcade - in Sham Shui Po; books, computer supplies, video games and machines in basement and upper ground floor, then the 1st floor has all the computer hardware stores (it seems you must enter this through the outside stairs around the corner). It is just next to the Sham Shui Po MTR station. But beware that the hallways are so crowded with people and the storekeepers' goods that it is downright dangerous in case of any emergency.

Mongkok Computer Center - Mongkok, close to intersection of Nelson St and Tung Choi Street. Close to the Bank Center exit of the Mongkok MTR station. Beware: though smoking is banned in shopping centers, there is still cigarette smoke here.
Wanchai Computer Center - located next to the Wanchai MTR, it has two floors of shops. It could get a bit crowded though.
Star House - next to the Star Ferry Pier in TST in Kowloon; some stores not open on Sundays. It is one of the more pleasant computer shopping centers. Unfortunately, the number of stores seems to be in decline. (2008.2)

Cell Phones 
chain-stores - there are a few telecom chain stores that sell cell phones and cellular service. Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po area, accessible by MTR. You can even find second-hand stores there. (It may not be a good place to shop for cell phones if you are gullable.)
Hollywood Road - there are plenty of stores selling antiques there. From spectacles to furniture, you can find them there. But don't expect bargains!

Where to Buy
Tsim Sha Tsui - you can just call it TST if you can't quite figure out how to pronounce it. It is the area at the southmost tip of Kowloon.

Many of the electronics stores there put a code on their products that only they can interpret. Then when you come along, they price the item according to your facial expression, accent, and size of your wallet. Beware that many a tourist have thought they were getting bargains only to regret it afterwards. But then of course, other kinds of stores are also there where the prices are marked and somewhat reasonable. more

Causeway Bay - for locals living on Hong Kong Island, this is pretty much the "grand central station" when it comes to shopping. Most of the action is concentrated around the MTR station - which has exits going as far as the Times Square. The pedestrain crossing on Yee Wo Street in front of Sogo Department store is often so crowded that the traffic light is not long enough for all to finish crossing the road. With the shortage of street-level stop space, a lot of restaurants have moved upstairs. There are buildings with multiple restaurants on various floors. more
Mongkok - known as the most densely populated area in Hong Kong, it is also one of the most popular shopping areas for locals in Kowloon. The intersection of Nathan Road and Argyle Street is sort of the center of all the action, though things change with times as new shops and malls open. Mongkok Computer Center, Ladies' Market, Sai Yeung Choi Street (with many consumer electronics stores), Nathan Road, and Langham Place (mall and hotel) are some of the hot spots in the area. Meanwhile the goldfish market is the place to pick out some fins. more about Mongkok

Stanley - located in the southeast corner of Hong Kong Island, Stanley is away from the more populated parts of Hong Kong. The Stanley Market has become one of the must-go's for tourists. It is the location with the most concentrated souvenir shops. There are also some places to stroll around in the area, a good place to spend an afternoon and have a seaside dinner. more

New Town Plaza : linked to the Shatin MTR Station and some other shopping centers. The Snoopy house is around there. But beware, the mall is very crowded.

Ocean Center : in TST on Canton Road close to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station. It is also linked to a few other shopping centers like Ocean Terminal. It gets sort of crowded too.

Cityplaza : A nice mall with an ice-skating rink and cinema on Hong Kong Island, linked to the Taikoo MTR station. (see more comments)

Pacific Place : on Hong Kong Island, linked to the Admiralty station of the MTR, complete with a cinema.

Grand Century Place : a mall linked to the MTR Mongkok East Station, complete with a cinema. Count on it being crowded - after all, it is in Mongkok!

Times Square : a mall linked to the Causeway Bay MTR station, complete with a cinema.

Lok Fu : a shopping center with local clientiel; linked to the Lok Fu MTR station.

Festival Walk : linked to the Kowloon Tong MTR station, complete with ice-skating rink, movie theatres, food court, and a supermarket.

Plaza Hollywood : linked to the Diamond Hill MTR station. Doesn't seem as crowded as others.

Citygate Outlets : a small mall linked to the MTR station in Tung Chung with mainly outlet stores. 

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