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Shopping in Guangdong

Called Yue for short, Guangdong Province faces the South China Sea in the south, and is backed on Nanling Mountain in the north. Neighboring Hong Kong and Macau, Guangdong is the southern gate of China and the nearest access to the sea leading to the areas of South Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa. The light industry of Guangdong has long history, especially the articles for daily use, which are generally called “Guangdong goods”. Art works are of special southern characters, delicate and pragmatic like Chaoshan drawn work, Guangzhou ivory carving, Shiwan pottery, Fengxi porcelain carving, Xinhui Palm-leaf artwork, Gaozhou horn carving, Dongguan fireworks, Zhaoqing straw mat and Duan ink slab, etc. Having plenty of tropical and subtropical fruits on the market during the four seasons of a year, Guangdong is also the famous hometown of fruits like lichees, organs, pineapple, bananas, longans, mangoes, parambolas, shaddocks, lemons, papayas, olives, coconuts, wampees, plums, jackfruits, and guanas, etc.

                                                     Shopping in Guangzhou
"City of Lambs", another name for Guangzhou, is a modern metropolitan. It not only has many luxurious large department stores like Teemall Plaza, Zhongxin Plaza, La Perle Plaza, but also many shops everywhere. Thus Guangzhou forms many business streets of dirrerent features, like Yide Road, Baima Clothes Market, Shangxiajiu Road, Shifu Road Pedestrian Street, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Huanlin Temple Jade Street, as well as Wende Road Culture Street. In these business streets, among crowed people and ancient and singular arcade-houses, you can compare the prices at various shops; enjoy shopping and town culture of Guangzhou.

Main Shopping Areas
-Teem Plaza
As the shopping centre of the largest scale and the most complete functions, it gathers uses for shopping, restaurants, entertainment, leisure and service. Going out from the eastern gate of Teem Plaza, you can find a shopping leisure area-Hongcheng Plaza with another style, where you may feel at ease when shopping. Transport: Take Bus Nos. 33, 269.

-Guangzhou Merchandise Building
Dealing mainly in middle and high-grade well-known, excellent, new, special goods, it is a large state-owned department store in Guangzhou at present. Business scope includes 11 categories such as articles for daily use, etc. with open-shelf selling as the main sales pattern.
Address: Take Bus Nos. 5, 7 or Subway.

-Xindaxin Company
As one of the largest state-owned department stores on Guangzhou, having 15 stores, such as store of food, articles for family use, cosmetics for daily use, ladies and children’s garments, knit goods, articles for bedding, men’s garments, film and television sound equipment, articles for culture, education and office use, toys and sports goods, and furniture, etc., it was ever awarded “the best department store of Asia” by Asian Business Federation. Transport: Take Bus No.7.
Famous Streets
-Shangxiajiu Road Business Street
Ever the old business street of Guangzhou, built as the first business pedestrian street of Guangzhou since September 30th, 1995, it is one of three municipal-level business centers of Guangzhou city. In this 800-meter-long street, there are many stores of long standing, like Yong’an Department Store, Guangzhou Clothing Store, Heming Shoes and Hats Store, Dalu Watch Shop, as well as many department stores of articles for cultural use, restaurants, Huanlin Furniture and Jade Street, which is well-known at home and abroad. Qingping Road is the largest market street for farm produce; there are large buildings for business and residence at Liwan Square. Address: Xiguan, Liwan District

-Beijing Road Business Pedestrian Street
Being the second business pedestrian street, it has more than 10 middle and large-scale department stores like Xindaxin Company, Guangzhou Merchandise Building, Taibai Department Store, etc. there are also professional specialty stores like bookstore, zither store, photo studio, sports goods store, clothes, shoes, and hats store, as well as Xihu Rosd Luminous Light Night Fair of middle and high-grade clothes, etc. Address: downtown of the city

-Fashion Frontline
The strongpoint of the young of Guangzhou, and gathering stores as well as exclusive agencies of some famous brands at home and abroad, it is a fashion place in Guangzhou. On the ground is Zhonghua Plaza, a good shopping place too. Address: near Zhonghua Plaza, No. 3 Zhongshan Road
Recommended Commodities
When shopping in Guangzhou, don’t forget to buy some specialties, like Guangzhou color porcelain, Guangzhou Sculptures (jade sculpture, wood sculpture, zengcheng olive sculpture), Guangdong embroidery, Guangzhou cured meat, etc.

                                                     Shopping in Shenzhen
The highest-grade business area in Shenzhen is the business central area in the South Renmin Road, which accumulates such large department stores as International Trade Department Store, Duty-free Shop, International Department Store and SEIBU Department Store, dealing in high-grade brand name clothes, leather wares, gold and silver jewellery, cosmetics, ect., and is the first chosen shopping place of tourists and high-income class.

There are also some other busy business area: from International Trade Mansion to Friendship City near railway station, dealing mainly in clothes, and welcomed by most transit tourists; Zhongying Street dealing mainly in gold and silver decorations, clothes, shoes, hats, food and beverage, artivles for daily use, with good quality and favorable price; Shenzhen Segem Eletron Market dealing in electronic products; Renmin Bridge dealing in small commodities and sundry goods.

                                                      Shopping in Zhuhai
A new offshore city, Zhuhai has many shopping spots, such business shopping street of Jida Jingshan Road, General merchandise business street of Xiangzhou Xiangbu Road, business pedestrian street of Gongbei Lianhua Road, shopping centre of Jida Jiuzhou City, Fashion City of Guomao, seafood market of Wanzai, luminous night fair of Nankeng, etc.

Main Shopping Areas
-Zhuhai Shopping Mall
Subordinate of Zhuhai Shopping Mall Group, it is a modern comprehensive department store gathering commerce and trade, tourism, entertainment, shopping, and catering. Located in the beautiful Jingshan Road, Jiida District of Zhuhai, it has an area of 3.3 sq km and deals in more than 70,000 kinds of goods.
Transport: Take Bus Nos. 2, 3, 26.

-Duty-free Department Store
Stated-owned foreign currency duty-free department store of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone of New Hunke Development Co. , subordinate of Zhuhai Duty-free Enterprise Group Co. , Ltd. , it is a super luxurious market with the largest scale and the most special features, dealing mainly in famous and quality products from all countries.
Transport: Take Bus No. 2.

Famous Streets
-Jiuzhou City
In the busy business central area of Zhuahai, it is a “shopping park” for shopping and tourism, and also a building having appearance of primitive simplicity and modern interior decoration, which mixis Chinese classic architecture and garden scene in the south area of the Yangtze River.
Address: between Shijingshan Tourism Centre and Zhuhai Hotel

-Wanzai Dried Seafood Market
Neighboring upon Wanzai Port and separated with Macau by a strip of water, it is a collecting and distributing centre of sea products, which assembles famous native products of Zhuhai, like the large shark fins and conger pikes from the deep sea, starfishes and sea cucumbers in the seabed, blood clam, oysters, crabs, sea snakes and whitebaits in the meeting point of the river and sea.   Address: area near Wanzai Port


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